"You told him?" I yelp, eyes wide and she rolls hers.

"Yes I told him because he wouldn't tell me the plans otherwise," She explains and taps the top in the middle. "Alright see you soon."

Taylor hangs up, discarding my phone on the bed and helps me pull the top off the hanger. She doesn't give me time to react as she holds the dark blue top up, the material having a netted layer over the top. The sheer material seems a bit too extravagant to wear out.

"Where is he taking me? "

She snorts and throws the top at me to catch, moving to my dresser.  "I'm not allowed to say but it's somewhere you'll enjoy yourself."

"This seems a bit too pretty to wear," I state fiddling with the top. Taylor pulls out shorts, throwing them my way with a look of annoyance. "What if he thinks I'm trying too hard to impress him?"

She grabs a pair of socks while moving to my wardrobe. "He told me to tell you to remember the staircase, whatever that means but he said he'll appreciate it."

Before I can ask further I shut my mouth remembering exactly what he's referring to. Or more so how we talked about making an effort for a guy. Well if this guy did reject you then he's a tool. Hopefully you won't ever have to experience it. I exhale with a small smile, snapping back to reality when shoes clunk to the ground beside me.

"This is what I'm wearing?" I ask, scanning the ankle boots with a practically flat heel.

She nods and hands me socks. "Yes. Go get dressed and then I'll do your hair, hurry up."

Once dressed into the designated outfit I feel mildly ridiculous as Taylor does my hair. I feel like a child being groomed by their mother. She's pulled my hair over into making a cross braid, every once in a while she pulls strands out to frame my face.

I grit my teeth with a particularly hard tug but hand her the tie regardless. My face feels like it's had a lift from the consistent pulling but Taylor seems happy as she gets me to do a spin for her. I feel ridiculous because of what I'm wearing.

She pulls out a jacket from my wardrobe, once again throwing it in my face except this time I manage to catch it. Pulling on the leather jacket, she walks closer with my jewellery box forcing a necklace over my head and handing me a  singular banded ring.

"You haven't told Blair about your date with Rhys have you?" Taylor finally speaks, eyeing me with suspicion. I shake my head as she puts the box back down on the dresser. "She'll be upset when she finds out."

"She hates Rhys and I can almost guarantee she wouldn't let me go," I can see a smile appear on her lips. "As in, I would be locked in her basement for the rest of my life. She hates him that much."

Taylor snorts but gathers her things. "Well she's going to have to get over it," A knock echoes from downstairs and I almost jump from surprise. "I don't see you and Rhys magically steering away from each other any time soon. Try to stay calm, just because it's a date doesn't make it any different from you guys hanging out. Okay?"

"Easier said than done,"

We head downstairs and I keep a tight grip on my phone, stopping midway down the stairs as I see dad talking to Rhys. They stand just inside the door although it's still open but an alarming detail is the beer bottle in my father's hand.


"Hey Kira - Rhys is here," His speech is slurred slightly and my eyes drift to the living room where several are laying on the table. "Taylor's here as well."

I force a smile onto my lips with a nod. "Thanks. I can tell that," I bite the inside of my cheek and take a risk in removing the bottle from his hand. "Just give us a minute. . ."

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