In Love With A Psychopath

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(guy with blood is Akki, hugging him is Vincent)

I woke up sweating and panting. Another nightmare. I laid back down and read the numbers on my clock. "3:30." I mumbled knowing I won't be able to sleep again. I sat up and stretched. I grabbed and turned my phone on, only to be blinded. Once my eyes adjusted I noticed I had three unread messages. Maria, my only friend here.

Mini: You awake Jiggly? received at 1am

Mini: Vincent. Wake your jackass up. received at 2am

Mini: Vincent! Its important! received at 3am

I knew it was important if she didn't call me Jiggly. I dialed her number as quick as I could.


What?! What's wrong Maria?

Vincent if you calm down I'll tell you.

Ok ok, I'm calm. I swear.

Do you remember how I was being stalked last year by that girl?


The bitch is back. I was down town at the library when I saw her. She was staring at me, pretending she was reading!

Did you not get a restraining order against her?

Was I supposed to? OF COURSE I DID YOU IDIOT!


Sorry and ok I will. I'll see you later Jiggly. Nighty night. Don't let the killer bite.

Night Maria.

For some reason, Maria was the only person I didn't want to kill if they mentioned killers. I mean after all you can't blame me. My father was a serial killer who murdered only pregnant woman. The freak was sentenced to death when I was 10. He murdered 18 woman while he was free. My mother left as soon as I was 18. I see her every now and then. She works at the downtown strip joint. Makes me sick.

It brought tears to my eyes just thinking about my fucked up family. I silently cried for what felt like ages. I looked at my clock again. In big red numbers it told me 5:30. I checked the calendar on my phone to see it was Sunday. The thought of no school made me smile a bit. I got out of bed and walked downstairs, seeing as my body wasn't going to let me sleep. I walked into the kitchen, only to see an object hanging from the lights. I walked closer to it to realize it was a slaughtered cat, MY slaughtered cat. I jumped up as I heard the front door slam shut. I immediately ran upstairs and dialed 911.

911, what's your emergency?

Someone just broke into my house!

Is anything stolen or damaged?

I looked around and saw a picture of me and my family when I was younger gone.

Yes, a picture of my family and my cat has been butchered.

Ok sir, dispatch is on their way.

I hung up and reached under my bed to look for something. I grabbed the handle of a knife and held it close to me as i walked downstairs again. I felt relief as I heard the cops pull up. I set the knife down and opened the door for them. "Hello. I'm Officer Jacobs and this is Deputy Jefferson. So what's the problem?" The older looking cop said. "Well my home was broken into and a family photo was stolen, along with some other ones I didn't notice till now. My cat was also hung from my kitchen light and sliced open." I said pointing to the dining room. The officers looked around for a bit and left after a hour or so. I wasn't really scared or anything. But the thought of a stranger taking my family photos put me on edge.

I sat down and turned the TV on. Not even an hour passed by before I was sleeping again. I woke up about an hour later, I checked the time on my phone. "6:30? I swear i felt like I slept longer." I said sounding confused. I felt something cold against my neck. I immediately felt chills go up my spine. "Its ok, I won't hurt you. You're valuable to me."

I jumped up from the couch, causing me to hit my head on the coffee table. I looked around but saw nothing out of the ordinary. I checked my phone. 6:50? I sighed just passing off that nightmare. Why did it feel so real? I felt stinging along my neck. What the fuck? I rubbed my neck a bit and looked at my hand. It was covered in blood. It wasn't a nightmare!? I scooted to the corner of my living room and sat there. I was terrified. My hands were shaky and my breath was coming out in staggered gasps. I felt like I should call Maria or the police again. No, just don't panic. He said he won't hurt you. But did he mean it. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how familiar the voice was. Who was that? It has to be a boy. Their voice was too deep to be female. And why am I valuable to him?

It put me more on edge just knowing I might know the person. I soon felt my eyes getting heavy with sleep again. I laid on my back and stared up at the ceiling until I was finally asleep.

His voice was all I could think about as I slept. It sounded so damn familiar but I couldn't match it with a face. I tossed in turned in my sleep as those words he said to me ran throughout my mind.

"It's ok, I won't hurt you. You're valuable to me."

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