The love that was unexpected (read if u love Dalton Wixom)

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Hi I'm Alexis, Alexis Szuhaj the only girl in the Szuhaj family well not counting my mom. I've always had a crush on Dalton Wixom, my brother brady's best friend, I never had the courage to hang out with him. I've said hi to him before and I've made some small talk with him but never concitered him as a friend or as I would perfer a boyfriend.

Brady knew I liked him. Even though I've never told him he could tell by the way I looed at him. And the way that i smiled when he would look or talk to me. I've never had a boyfriend and brady feels bad about that. Hes wanted to get me and Dalton together but he knpws the she hates people seting her up on dates, but one day Brady knew that he had to do it.