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joe sighed setting boxes down in  isabella's apartment

"think that's it mate"
dacre spoke setting boxes down
"sure is"
isabella yawned walking out of joe's new room

"what were you doing in there"
  joe asked

  "decorating and all that while you two were getting boxes"
isabella smirked

  "what if i wanna redecorate"
  joe asked

"bitch i know how you like things"
  isabella defended

"you right"
joe said

isabella joe & dacre all walked into joe's room

"oh wow you do know me"
joe said with wide eyes

"damn right i do"
isabella cheered

isabella & dacre left joe to do some unpacking while they went to in to    her room.
dacre flopped on isabella's bed.

"oh so comfortable" dacre sighed stretching.

"boy i just made that"
isabella groaned

"i'm to comfortable to care"
dacre said playing with a pillow

"i really do hate you sometimes"
isabella sighed laying next to dacre

"wow i love you too"
dacre replied with a glare

isabella laughed looking at dacre fixing some of his hairs that went out of place when he was getting boxes.

"thank you"
he smiled

"mhmm. oOoh bitch there's a sunset" she shouted getting up and walking out on her balcony.
dacre laughed following her to the balcony. isabella smiled taking some photos of the sunset before watching it.
dacre looked at her in awe

isabella questioned noticing dacre's stares

"you're cute"
dacre admitted with a laughed

isabella blushed looking down before looking at him. he smiled looking at his shoes.

"you're cute too dacre"
isabella laughed

"i don't mean it like that"
dacre spoke

  "i know neither did i"
she replied

dacre smiled looking up making eye contact with her leaning in cupping her cheeks & kissing her.

"i'm sorry should i not have done that"
dacre asked with worry in his voice

"dacre it's okay i probably would have done it if you hadn't"
she admitted with a laugh

dacre laughed pecking her lips.

"ooh wow spicy"
isabella said mocking dacre from a few weeks ago

dacre chuckled kissing her once more

they pulled away to see joe out on his balcony

"oh fuck"
they both said

it finally happened y'all!
plus i changed up my writing a bit do you like it or should i go back to how it was before?

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