A Curse of Luck (A Kidnapped Story) (29)

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Whitney’s (Pov)

"Where are you taking me?" I ask for the hundredth time. I am surprise the man hasn’t blown a gasket and tried to strangle me or something.

Even I whom I consider myself a very patient person and am hard to annoy would be annoyed by the same question over and over. I’ve ask him since we left that what I now know was an old well in the ground that had been converted into a storage shed but had since been abandon.

But he still hasn’t answered any of my questions after he told me his name it was as if he forgot how to speak. Every time I would ask him a question whether it was about where he was taking me or why I got so sick, it was like his was in another world lost in his own thoughts.

Now we are back on the stallion that we were on previously heading to god knows where because the stran- I mean Eitan won’t speak to me. It is still strange for me to call him Eitan. I mean before I thought of him as my kidnapper stranger man, but now that I have a name to give to the cloak stranger it just makes me feel closer to him in a way.

A closeness I want nothing to do with; a familiar ness that I can’t form with him. I don’t know why I had to be so stupid and ask for his name but in the state I was in it felt like I wanted some kind of answer from him even if it wasn’t truly the question I wanted to ask him.

I know that doesn’t really make sense none of my feelings or thoughts are starting to make sense. Maybe my mind did suffer damage from the heat and now I am going crazy; but maybe if I go crazy the stra- I mean Eitan won’t want me anymore and he’ll let me go.

‘Or maybe he’ll kill you.’

A voice in the back of mind comments, drat the voice is right out of the two letting me go or killing me the later would be the best option for Eitan if I were to go crazy.

What am I saying I need to stop, if were going crazy I don’t think I could be analyzing myself like I have been? I release a soft sigh and pull Eitan’s cloak around me tighter.

I’m doing this one because he told me it will protect me from getting hot again and two it covers the dress that Eitan gave me to wear.

Now the dress isn’t slutty or a terrible color or anything it’s just I will repeat myself I loathe wearing dresses.

The dress is simple it’s made of cotton I assume and is a long and almost floats around; it has a halter top and a modest neckline and it’s in a shade of green that almost matches my eye color perfectly.

The thing that made me hate the dress even more is when I changed into it and Eitan return to only stop and stare at me for two long uncomfortable minutes.

I was scared stiff and thought maybe he found me somewhat attractive and would take advantage of the situation (us being along in a well) like Don had.

Luckily he didn’t but I have been caution and wary of him since. I just want to get off this horse we’ve been traveling on for so long and I haven’t been able to look at the scenery like last time to pass the time because the cloak is so big and covers all of my vision.

All I see is darkness and it dampens my mood even more and it seems like there isn’t a minute that passes that my mind doesn’t travel to Will and wonder whether his okay or not.

Also I hate to admit it but my thoughts also travel to Kieran and the thought that maybe either of the two might come after me if they realize I’ve been taken.

Then fear and guilt hits me because what if either of them do come after me and find me they might get hurt or killed by this man.

I mean I know so far he has been civil and even accommodating towards me, but I know for a fact that he holds distain for Will.

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