Demons-Kai Ulysses

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I never enjoyed staying alone. Being alone meant my thoughts were open, and I couldn't figure out fake from reality. Right now I was what I called the transition stage. That meant I could sorta see reality. I was in my cell, rocking back and forth in the corner. My hands tracing the scratch marks I had created once before. I was hyperventilating and trying to stay in reality. My skirt was creeping further up my thighs and I pulled it down. The sleeves of my shirt kept getting caught on the uneven parts on the wall.

The visions started. Subtle at first, small glimpses of shadows out of the corners of my eyes. But then the full fledged monsters came to me. Long skinny demons with fingers as long as my shin. Starting at the door, one demon and it slowly crept in, multiplying until they couldn't let me escape.

I clawed at the wall, screaming and crying, my nails bleeding, my forehead bleeding as well because of my desperate attempts to escape. They came closer, I stood from the ground and tried to climb the wall, anything to get away from my impeding doom. My legs getting scraped up from the jagged wall. My time was becoming limited.

They crowded me and I fell to the floor in defeat, sobbing. They grabbed my arms and pulled me to the steel bed with restraints in the middle of the room. I remembered everything and continued to struggle. I was forced on the bed, restraints on my ankles and wrists. They pressed steel pads to my temples.

I arched my back in pain and screamed, continuously trying to break free. Finally the pain stopped. I let in a few ragged deep breaths, but the pain started again. A sharp headache going into the depths of your mind, searching and scanning your every memory for some type of answer you didn't have the questions too. What could I give them?

Nothing but pleasure as they put a camera in front of my bleeding face, blood gushing from my nose and mouth. The pain had stopped so I could watch them set up the camera. When the red flashing button appeared I tried to get out of the torture one last time.

The pain sent a jolt to my very soul. I could feel the built up anger slowly rebuild my wounds as the pain they tried to inflict fed me. I threw the camera with my mind and forced the demons away. I broke my restraints and curled into a ball in the corner.

I can't feel anything. A human filled with nothing. And I am alone.

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