Chapter 20 - Traveling: Two!

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Okay, now... turn right-left-up-down! Wait no. I meant right. Heh. 

"Turn right, guys! We're almost there!" I said happily. 

"We can get there faster if you would shut up, Sakura." Sasuke said. 


"How come I get to shut up?! I'm the leader! Expect the leader to say things because the 'LEADER' is the one who instructs her 'MEMBERS' and by leader, I mean me, SAKURA HARUNO, and by member, I mean the duck-ass emo king, SASUKE UCHIHA, and by Sasuke, it means you!" I shouted. 

"Duck-ass emo king?! What the hell?! You're making too many nicknames!" he shouted back. 

"I'm not making nicknames for you, chicken-ass haired! I'm only saying the truth! You basically have a hair tha look's like a chicken's ASS!" I yelled. 

"YOU-" he glared at me then I interrupted.

"Little pink-haired piece of crap? I know!" I said in a 'duh' tone. 

Everyone sweatdropped then Naruto just laughed.

"Whatever, continue to lead!" he ordered. 

"Whatevah, continue to lead, blah blah, blah!" I mimicked the duck-ass [SASUKE!] "Okay, so.. it says that we should turn left, again, then we'll see a.... ramen shop?" I added. 

"RAMEN?!!! YAAAAYYY!!" Naruto acted like a total goofball. 

"We ain't here to have ramen, stupid." Sasuke grunted. 

"Whatever, you're still a duck-ass though." Naruto stucked out his tongue. 

"Hn," Sasuke once again grunted. 

"Now, let's goooo!" I said playfully. 

We turned left, then saw the expected, a small ramen shop. It looks kinda like Ichiraku, but it's definitely NOT it, two women are in charge of the business. 

"Um...? What's next?" Ino asked. 

"Well, sensei said that we will stay in a cottage, a mile far from this ramen shop...." I said. 

"OH BOY!! It'll be sure awesome if I order somethin'!" Naruto yelled. 

"Troublesome. You aren't allowed." Shikamaru huffed. 

"B-B-But...." Naruto whined. 

"NOT ALLOWED." Shikamaru repeated. 

"BUT I'M STARVING!!!!!!!!" Naruto scolded. 

"KEEP YOUR VOICE DOWN, NARUTO!" the lazy shinobi ordered. 

"Um, miss, do you know any cottage that's a mile away from here? That's the place where we will stay." I asked the woman who happens to cook ramen at the store. 

"Well, I'm not sure, miss, but maybe there is," she pondered. 

[[She's not sure. You heard her.]]

"Huh, thank you, anyway. Let's go." I ordered. 


Oh boooy. 

Shikamaru pulled Naruto for him to catch up with us. 

"FINE," Naruto grumped. "No ramen for nowww..." 


A/N: I haven't updated for a few days. Sorry about that, I'm having problems. But still, I hope you enjoyed the chapter! ^_^ By the way, does anyone ELSE think that Sasuke is a duck/chicken-ass haired? Or.... is it just me? 

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