Nico - Chapter 2

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A/N: Yes. Still Nico's POV. Next chapter or the one after that is Wills POV. ONTO THE STORY!
I led Will up the steps and to the chambers next to mine. I opened the door and showed him inside.

"This is where you'll be staying for this week. I hope you like it." I said, gesturing to the large room.

He grinned.

"Yeah, it's perfect." He said, "Are you excited for the festival? It only happens every decade or so, but I was sick last time so this is my first time coming to this."

I gave a small smile at his excitement. I remembered when I had been like that, before...
I shook off the memory and realized he'd asked a question.

I shrugged.

"I'm not too psyched about it, but I'm not opposed to it either." I said, "I'm indifferent to it."
He looked at me curiously.

"Why aren't you excited?" He asked.

I pushed down the memory's that threatened to surface.

"My father said I have to find a lover by the end of the week. And I'm pretty sure he means a-" I caught myself before finishing. I had almost let this stranger know my sexuality. I didn't even know anything about him other than his name and that he was from the Sunstone Clan!

"A what?" He asked.

I looked at the ground.

"I hope you enjoy your stay." I said, and I ran out of the room into mine.

I locked the door and went over to my bed, picking up the pillow and reaching inside the pillowcase, pulling out a picture.

It was a picture of a girl, about my age now. She had tan skin, long, wavy black hair, and deep, dark brown eyes like melted chocolate.

"Bianca." I whispered to the picture, "Why did you have to pull that stunt?"

Ten years ago, at the last Festival of the Equinox, Bianca had snuck out of the palace with some of her commoner friends, they called themselves the Hunters of Artemis. Artemis was the goddess of Hunting and the Moon. The Hunters claimed they were immortal and convinced Bianca to join them. They only let girls in, as well, and swore off any romantic relationships with "filthy males". They pretty much hated all guys, except me, once they found out I was gay.

They had decided to pull a crazy stunt and mess around near a metal statue that had been thrown away by the god Hephaestus, the god of Blacksmiths and Fire. He had called it Talos. One of the girls had touched something and woken up the statue. Bianca sacrificed her life to save theirs.

I wiped away a tear that had begun to trickle down my cheek.

"Why did you have to go with the Hunters of Artemis anyways?" I asked her picture, before putting it back in it's hiding place.

I walked over to my mirror and adjusted my crown.

"Behold, your future leader." I said sarcastically, looking at the boy with the raven hair and puffy red eyes that stared at me from the mirror.
I swallowed my tears and emotions, and buried them back under my armor of pain and regret. I placed my crown on its pillow. The stupid pillow.

I walked over to my door and unlocked it, then grabbed my favorite book and collapsed on my bed to read it.

The book was about some other world, a world where machines did everything for the people, where some people were rich and others were too poor to clothe themselves. Where there were such things as ships that flew in the sky. I snorted.

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