Yandere! Ayase Eli x Honoka's Fan! Female! Reader x Yandere! Toujou Nozomi

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Let's get started with this double trouble oneshot!!

Warning: Blood, Insults and other things that can affect the sensibility of the reader.

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UnDivided Attention

Eli's POV

We have just finished the concert and we were resting in the dressing rooms, waiting for what is about to happen.

Next thing in the schedule is a fan meeting; a fan goes with us, talks for ten seconds and passes directly to the other member and so on until the fan has spoken to all of Muse and leaves. I'm not a fan myself for these events, you can find lots of creeps out there, once, a fan gave me his nude photos and asked for mine, that was pretty disgusting and security threw him away.

Being also, one of the most popular girls in the group, if not the most popular, I had to get accustomed to this kind of fans, for the sake of Muse they say.

We only got five minutes to clean the sweat from our bodies, to keep a smile and go to the stage, where the fans are waiting, in an organize matter I hope.

The security was escorting us through the halls of the stadium. All of us were nervous, especially Umi, she was trembling as the first autograph a fan asked an autograph from her.

Making our way to the stage entrance, reflector settled on us as the bid audience cheered once again for their singers.

We got in our seats, behind a big table, me being in the first one for the fans to continue, then Nozomi, Nico, Kotori, Honoka, Umi, Hanayo, Rin and Maki. Although we still have to wait for the announcer to start the event, but I can already see who the first person was.

She had (Y/HL) (Y/HC), sparkling and cheery (Y/EC) orbs that looked like the most precious gem and her body was what killed me, she was absolutely gorgeous, she had a long (Y/FC) dress with color-matching flats.

I blushed, and when I looked to my left side if someone noticed it I could notice it, I saw Nozomi blushing too, she was seeing directly at the same spot that gorgeous girl was.

An emotion I haven't felt in all my life started to boil inside me. Someone could say it was jealousy, but it was something bigger, I wanted Nozomi to disappear in that instant, making no importance in the years we have been together, that girl is going to be mine!

Directing my gaze to the girl, I could see something between her delicate hands. She had a heart-shaped package! She brought me something!

The announcer started the event and immediately, Nozomi and I stood up for receiving the girl but she didn't pay attention to us.

Ignoring all of us, she arrived in front of Honoka and that is when we noticed that the gift wasn't for us. The girl then left the stage, also ignoring the rest of the singers and Honoka was left blushing a little.

I could already feel that emotion I felt earlier, directing towards Honoka and I could say Nozomi was feeling it too.

The event continued and so do we. The event lasted for hours until the last of the fans went to her home.

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