They placed my arms behind my back as they dragged me away from the flat. Harry ran after me, shouting at the officers. They ignored him as we reached their police car. Harry ran up to the car and repeatedly kicked it.

"Aren't you going to arrest me? Come on, I'm doing criminal damage! ARREST ME!" Harry screamed.

"Please arrest me, I can't let her be alone!"

Tears clung to my eyes as they placed handcuffs on me and pushed me into the backseat, like I was an animal.

"Harry, its fine!" I stuttered through the hysteria.

"No it's not fine, you've done nothing wrong Paige; let her go please I beg you!"

The police officers ignored him as they sat down in the car. They started the vehicle as it slowly drove away. The boys chased after the car, as Louis escaped the flat and charged after us but we were too fast... I snivelled as the boys disappeared into the distance.

"Don't cry, Katy only wants revenge, after all you did kill her brother!" I stared in astonishment.

"What...who are you?" They glanced at each other and laughed.

"You're not policemen are you?"

"No, we're your kidnappers!"

I started to panic; I gazed out of the window and acknowledged the motorway that we were on.

"Don't even think about it!" One of them said, hissing at me as they spoke. I took a chance. I twisted my hands out of the handcuffs as I rammed the door open and prepared to jump.

They pulled over quickly as they lunged towards me. I screamed and ran into a grassy area, by the side of the road. They charged after me as I scrambled through the trees. I ran and ran, through the wilderness as I heard them close behind me. Suddenly, I tripped and fell onto a smashed glass bottle.

A piece of glass was stuck deep into my leg. I breathed and let out a huge yelp, when I yanked it out. Their voices were becoming louder, so I did what anyone normal would do; I jumped into a nearby thorn bush...

The pain was immense and the blood was oozing down my knee, staining my beige chinos. I could hear them calling my name, I was terrified! It was around 12am and I could hear my heart beating. I slowly fumbled through my pockets and hauled out my phone. As quietly as I could, I phoned Lou.

"Paige, Ohmygod where are you, I'm so sorry, I'm on my way to the police station as we speak to pick you up and-"

"Lou, help me..." I whispered as he stopped speaking.

I could tell in his voice that he was crying.

"Where are you?" He seemed more and more worried.

"I think I'm being kidnapped!" I could hear his breathing become shallower.


"They weren't policemen. It's Katy; I think they work for her. I'm scared Lou!"

"Where are you babe?" I glanced around looking for a sign.

"I'm by the motorway, in some woods...they're coming closer Lou...I'm so so scared!!!"

A tear rolled down my cheek. He started to cry more obviously now.

"Okay, stay where you are and DON'T move. We're coming for you! And don't worry, I won't put the phone down, I will stay with you the whole time!"

"I love you!" I whispered shaking, in coldness and fear.

"I love you too, I won't let them touch you I promise! Listen, I'm going to put it on loudspeaker cos I'm driving but the boys have heard what's happened."