Chapter Three Part Five - Death

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 With Ken's hand held gently in her own, Annalise sat beside the bed of her friend. Things were not looking good for him and the girl could not help but think that had they made it back sooner, had they got the meds to him more quickly, he might have had at least a fighting chance. They had no doctor though, no nurse, not even anyone who had worked as a receptionist at a GP's office before the event occurred. Not one of them had any medical training at all so with that in mind, attempting to keep Ken alive had been a shot in the dark at best.

They had managed to get some Co-codamol into his system though which had at the very least eased his pain.

That did little to make Annalise feel better though, that her friend was going to die and there was absolutely nothing at all she could do about it.

She had everything to thank Ken for. He had saved her, had come to her aid when she was cornered by a group of hungry Zeds. At the time she had thought she was going to die, there were just too many of them for her and her sword to deal with. Enter Ken with his sledgehammer swinging, crushing Zeds skulls and knocking ones that simply would not die out of the way. He had reached out his hand. She had accepted gratefully and the two had run, run so fast it hurt her legs. Ken's truck had been waiting at the end of the alley, the doors open and the engine running.

That had been the first time she had heard of the military encampment in the New Forest, when Ken had told her that was where he was headed. A near five hundred mile drive, but it had seemed the only option.

Ken had made Annalise the strong, independent woman that she was, and without him she did not know whether she could go on.

“'Lise...” She turned her head quickly, looking straight into his face.

“Ken,” she said, both quietly and eagerly. “Don't talk... You need to rest...”

The man attempted to chuckle but failed miserably.

“No amount of rest's gonna' help,” he replied, weakly. “I'm done, 'Lise.”

“No, no you're not,” she pleaded through fresh tears. “You're strong, Ken. You'll be OK.”

“No, I won't,” he said. “I wouldn't change anything, 'Lise, 'specially not you.”

She did not reply. She could not, such was the lump caught in her throat.

“Look after them,” he said, his voice even weaker. “You're their leader, 'Lise. They need you...”

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