Chapter Seven ~ The Races

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Chapter Seven
The Races

"now go on, or you'll miss your own wedding"

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"now go on, or you'll miss your own wedding"

          The next day, Ada stood in Lottie's bedroom, practically jumping up and down from excitement as Lottie fixed her white dress. Today was the day Ada and Freddie were getting married. Despite disapproving of Freddie's stubbornness not to leave the town, she couldn't help but be happy for them. They were having a private ceremony, just the two of them so not to draw attention, which is why Lottie was helping Ada get ready in way of an apology.

          "There," smiled Lottie, finishing the veil, turning Ada so she could look in her reflection.

          "I'm nervous," she muttered.

          "Every woman is," replied Lottie. "Believe me, I know exactly what you're feeling. You look stunning." She turned Ada back towards her. "Freddie loves you and you him. You'll make each other so happy, I know it."

          Ada nodded and hugged her. "I'm so happy."

          "Me, too, now go on, or you'll miss your own wedding," she teased.

          With one last hug, Ada left the apartment, running to the ridge where Freddie was meeting her. Against her wishes, the feeling of dread and fear filled her insides just as they had done many years before. A fear she had hoped to bury until the day she died. As if trying to hide it by showing the extreme opposite, Lottie didn't stop from smiling all morning, sitting in the kitchen of the betting shop, humming to herself. Polly entered and raised en eyebrow. "Why are you so chipper?" She questioned.

          Lottie knew she could tell the real reason to her. "Freddie and Ada got married this morning," she said.

          Polly did not smile. "What? Oh, Tommy will not be happy."

          "Why make such a good thing bad?" Lottie sighed.

          "We have to tell him," she said.

          "Great," she muttered under her breath, her happy mood gone.

          Tommy arrived around midday. As soon as he entered, Polly's first words were: "Are you armed?"

          "No," he replied, confused.

          "Then I'll tell you. Ada and Freddie Thorne were married today," she explained.

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