Chapter Six ~ Billy Kimber

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          "Seen curses like this twice! Can't take them back, Tom! No! No!"

          Charlie stepped towards them. "I told you, Tommy," he said. "Better enemies to have than black blood gypsies."

          Tommy finally looked up. "Get out," he demanded quietly.

          "Get out, Curly," Charlie snapped.

          Lottie stood and looked scared at Tommy. She hated this part.

          He cleared his throat. "You should leave, Lottie. Nothing you can do now."

          Without saying anything, she put her hand on Tommy's cheek and then left. As she walked back out into the rain, she heard a single gunshot. Even with all the rain pouring down, she still felt the warm tear that toppled down her cheek.

          That night Lottie wasn't able to sleep, and so by morning, she had dark circles under her eyes that made her blue irises contrast dramatically. She dressed as if in a dream, not feeling like she was really there, and made her way to the Shelby's where Polly and Ada were getting ready to go to Cardiff. Once ready, Polly led the way, Ada and Lottie walking slightly behind arm in arm. "You okay?" Polly asked, turned her head as they walked.

          "Yeah, I'm fine," assured Ada.

          "I think there are some carriages over there that are gonna be empty..." Polly drifted.

          Lottie and Ada's eyes widened as Freddie appeared at the station platform. "Jesus," muttered Polly.

          "Freddie!" Lottie exclaimed running and wrapping her arms around her brother. He hugged her tightly back, but once they parted, he stared at Ada.

          "You came back," she stated, surprised.

          He smiled. "I got a tip-off," he explained.

          "Freddie, Tommy will kill you," Polly snapped.

          "It was Tommy who tipped me off," he said. "Maybe he's got half a heart after all. Tommy got a message to me. It said, 'Get out of town, take her with you.'"

          Ada's lips grew into a grin at his words.

          "So..." said Freddie, kneeling before her, holding up a ring. "Ada Shelby, will you marry me?"

          Lottie gasped and clapped her hands together.

          "Yes!" Exclaimed Ada, laughing. "Yes... Yes!"

          Freddie slipped the gold band onto her wedding finger and wrapped her arms around her in a loving embrace.

          Ada turned to Polly and Lottie, practically jumping in excitement. As she hugged Polly, Lottie hugged Freddie, then Ada wrapped her arms around her. "We're going to be sisters!" She giggled.

          "I know!" Beamed Lottie.

          "Right," said Polly. "Get on that bloody train and get out of here. Come on, both of you."

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