Chapter 8

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"Will he be accompanying you?" the receptionist asked in a kind voice when she saw Cris.

Nelson looked at his manager. With a reassuring smile from him, the swimmer turned back to the woman. "Yes, he will."

"Then you two come with me," said a nurse that came through the double door at the back.

"You've done this before, right?" the nurse asked as he led them to a cramped room with a sofa, some lockers and changing rooms. Nelson nodded and the woman handed him a little plastic basket and a key. "Then you know what to do. You're size small, right?"

"Ah, yes?" Cris answered a little confused. The nurse nodded and left the room. "Why did she ask that?"

"For the clothes," Nelson said, putting his cellphone and wallet in the plastic basket.

"I'm gonna need you to elaborate a little more," Cris said, making circles with his hands.

"You don't know about this exam?" When the manager shook his head, Nelson turned to him with a blank expression and then chuckled. "How can I say this in the best way? Well, first, we get naked."

"So far, I like where this is going," Cris interrupted with a smile.

"Then we change into the medical clothes," Nelson went on as if not interrupted, though he smiled as well. He showed the plastic basket to Cris. "After we put all metal here, we can go in the exam room."

"Sounds troublesome." Despite his words, Cris placed his wallet and cellphone as well. "Why do we need all this?"

"If there's any kind of metal, the exam might not go work. Metal interferes with the machine or something like that. So the patient and those accompanying can't enter the exam room with any kind of metal. Even zippers and buttons."

"Again, it sounds troublesome. But I'm not here to make the rules," Cris said, taking off his shirt.

"Why are you taking off your shirt?" Nelson asked in a hushed whisper, looking at the door as if expecting the nurse to come back at any second.

"To change clothes?" Cris said, his voice indicating it should be obvious.

"Yeah, well, there's a changing room in the back. And you don't have the clothes in it yet!"

"I know, but this way is more fun, I mean, to speed things up. Besides, why are you getting all worked up? We're both guys, so there's no need to get embarrassed, right?" Cris showed his sly smile.

Before Nelson could answer, the nurse opened the door. "Here are your clothes..." She went silent when she noticed Cris without his shirt. With a forced smile, she handed them their clothes. "I'm waiting outside for you two to change," she said in a courteous tone and left the room, though not before Nelson noting her cheek reds.

Cris laughed and before the swimmer could say anything, he ran to one of the changing rooms.

With a sigh of defeat and his cheeks red, Nelson went to change his clothes too.

"I gotta say. This is strange. Too strange," Cris said from the other side of the plastic partition.

"I know I'll regretting asking, but I'm an idiot," Nelson mumbled and then sighed, both loud enough for Cris to hear. "What's strange?"

Cris laughed again. "I wasn't gonna say, but since you asked." Even without seeing, Nelson could feel the sly smile. "Normally when I take my clothes with a naked man inches away from me to go in a room with the said man, I expect something a lot different from an exam."

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