nine; heartbreak

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          Mary was soaked to the bone

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Mary was soaked to the bone. After they had finally gotten out of the pool, her soaking wet clothes added extra weight as they clung to her body. Her hair was a mess around her face, completely drenched whilst the mascara she had on her eyes had washed off.

She smiled brightly as she spotted Charlie and Barbara heading towards them and she walked towards her boyfriend before wrapping her arms around his waist and grinning up at him. Oblivious to the look on his face or how he seemed uncomfortable.

"So um, I've got to go get these wet clothes off. You wanna come give me a hand?" She asked him cheekily, the grin on her lips getting larger and Barbara hurriedly rushed away as if he would catch the plague of sin that followed Mary Hopper like a sheep.

Charlie grabbed at Mary's hands, pulling them off his waist and a frown found it's way to her face, "You're soaked. You should go get changed. I'm sure Steve wouldn't mind letting you borrow something." He said, his jaw tense as he stared straight by her and Mary's lips parted.

Steve was pulling himself out of the pool, Nancy underneath his arm to keep her warm as the tiny girl shivered, "Yeah sure. We're heading inside right now anyway, it's shit cold out here." He said, he and Nancy pausing their steps to wait for Mary.

The honey coloured haired girl looked up at her boyfriend, "Charlie, can we talk? Inside?" She asked him hopefully, looking up at him, cold air puffing out from her mouth as she wrapped her arms around her body.

Charlie sighed, but he nodded and soon everyone was relocating to the large warmer house, all but Barb whom sat alone by the pool.

Heading upstairs, Mary took the guest bedroom, already knowing where it was since she had stayed over many times — her initials were even engraved on the back of the wooden headboard.

Charlie followed suit before Steve popped in to hand her some clothes and a towel to dry herself with and she thanked him before shutting the door and looking to her boyfriend, "Okay, what's up with you right now?" She asked, pulling the towel over her shoulders after putting the clothes onto the bed.

Charlie shook his head, although his jaw was tense, "Nothing, Mary. I'm just tired —"

"You're just lying." She interrupted, throwing her hand out, beginning to become irritated that he wasn't telling her the honest truth.

Suddenly, it were as if Charlie snapped as he turned to fully face her, "And you're haven't been? You haven't been lying this whole damn time?" He exclaimed and she furrowed her brows in confusion.

"Charlie, what're you talking —"

"I've been an idiot this whole time. Believing it all, falling for it! Thinking you two were actually friends — actually best friends. I was so stupid, I —" Mary threw her hands up, shaking them along with her head as she scrunched up her face.

"This is about Steve?" She asked in disbelief, stepping towards the boy, "Charlie, he is my best friend. He always has been and always will be. What's gotten into you tonight?" She questioned worriedly, not keen on the sudden personality shift that Charlie was having — of apparently, jealousy.

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