Notice Me! (With Lemon!)

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Same Story, but with the Lemon included!


Notice Me!

Yugi sat in his room laying on his bed. He sighed and stared at the ceiling thinking of Yami. 'How many hints do I have to drop till he gets the point!'


Yugi ran down stairs into the kitchen where Yami was making breakfast. Yugi walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around Yami's waist.

"Morning Yami!" Yugi said smiling.

Yami looked behind him at Yugi and smiled "Morning Aibou. What you doing?"

"Just hugging you." He said winking suggestively as he let go.

Yami shrugged and went back to cooking.

Yugi rolled his eyes at Yami's obliviousness.

Flashback Ends

'And that was only one of many hints I drop! I realize he was locked in a puzzle for 5000 years but my Ra how dense can he be?' Yugi groaned and rolled onto one side. Yami being so completely oblivious made Yugi start to wonder if Yami was only doing it to show Yugi he had no interest in him.

Yugi sighed again becoming depressed at that thought not realizing his feelings went through the mind link.

/Aibou? You ok? / Yami asked worry clear in his voice.

Yugi rubbed his eyes and blushed as Yami's deep baritone voice rang threw out his mind /Yes Yami I'm ok. /

/Are you sure? / Yami asked.

/You don't need to worry about me Mou Hitori No Boku I promise I am fine. / Yugi said rolling over and closing his eyes.

/If you're sure Aibou. / Yami said not believing him.

Yugi sighed 'Yami why won't you see me and I really that unattractive?' He sighed again 'who am I kidding I'm weak, to depending on him and child like.'

Yugi soon after fell asleep and tears rolled down his face in his sleep.

Yugi's bedroom door creaked open and Yami poked his head in. He looked over at Yugi and smiled, but quickly frowned when he saw the tears on Yugi's adorable face. 'What is the matter Aibou I wish you would talk to me.'

Yami sighed and returned to his room not wanting to disturbed Yugi.

The next morning the sun blazed in Yugi's eyes. Yugi groaned and sat up rubbing his eyes. He got dressed and went down stairs.

"Yami?" He called.

"In the kitchen Aibou." He answered.

Yugi walked over and hugged Yami from behing"Morning Yami."

Yami turned and hugged back he then looked into Yugi's lilac eyes "Hey Aibou how are you?"

Yugi stared into Yami's deep crimson eyes and bit his lip. He felt Yami searching him for the truth "F-fine." He lied carefully.

Yami frowned "Why are you lying to me Yugi?"

"I-I'm not." Yugi stuttered out.

"Fine Yugi." Yami said as he went back onto the kitchen.

Yugi sighed and looked down at his feet and fought tears 'Great now he is mad at me.' Yugi walked to the phone 'I need advice.'

"Joey Wheeler." Joey answered.

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