16- Pizza

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Nawsheen's point of view

A whole miserable month passed by. I do am feeling quite better than a month ago living with my Aunt and Uncle and their daughter Sania who is really, very fun to be with.

While watering the flowers along the wooden fence around the house, Sania called me:

"COOKIE!!!" Yup, she called me this too. I decided to forget him. He was just some highschool crush and my past. I'm almost nineteen and I cannot even think of having a chance with him, we are so, so young.

I'm getting married much later, five years later maybe?

I put my watering can down and rushed inside.

"Yeaaah?" I asked and she told me that Asher was on the phone. Oh...uhm.

"Coming"I shouted and wiped my hands dry before going to answer it.

"Hello?" I said through the phone.

"Hey, just wanted to know if you're fine?" He asked and I chuckled, "Yep, I am. How are you?"

"Fine, um hey could we have lunch together today with your cousin too, if you want?" He asked and I nodded, before realising he couldn't see me and then I said, "Okay, see you at the little Pizzeria then"

I put the receiver down and, as Sania was staring at me while smiling goofily, I told her about the lunch and she squealed and jumped up and down. No, not for Asher.

"FOOD!! OH MY FOODINESS, THIS IS SO FOODISH!" She sang. She was in love with food, especially Pizza.


We reached the pizzeria and Asher was already there, waiting for us I expect. He smiled when he saw us.

After ordering (Sania took a whole family-pizza), we chatted a bit.

"Who thought that 'family pizza' was to be shared with your family, huh?" She questioned herself, while tearing up the tip of a slice. The excess cheese flowed down and fell on her. She just looked like a five year old.

Asher and I laughed at her and she shrugged.

"I'm just so attractive that the food had to get all over me" She muttered and ate more still.

"Do you still contact Zayn?" Asher asked out of the blue.

"Um...No" I replied and immediately felt uncomfortable.

"Did you...love him?" He asked, just as if he was interviewing me."OF COURSE!" Sania replied and went to the ladies' room to clean up herself.

Asher looked at me expectantly. "Not anymore" I replied truthfully.

"But..." He said, "That means you did once?"

"I told you, not anymore" I said obstinately. I wished we would change conversation. Just mentioning his name was getting me all sad and broken.

"Why not?" He asked.

"Why are you asking, anyway?" I asked, still not making any eye contact.

He looked quite hesitant, as if he shouldn't tell me. Why don't people trust me?

"Well, you know,... the reason he didn't like me was because... her ex-girlfriend cheated on him with me and -" I looked at him, all wide-eyed and my mouth open to the floor.

"WHAT?!" I exclaimed. I had a valid reason to, anyway. Some people gave us weird looks and I returned back to normal, so that they weren't looking at us anymore.

"Yeah, and I'm really regretting it. I regretted it all the time. So I made a little promise to find him the right person so he would maybe forgive me. That right person is you. You don't seem to mind about anyone's wealth, unlike her ex-girlfriend..." He said slowly, finding the right words to tell me.

"I am so sorry and regretful. I really, truly am" he finished.

"What's up with everyone calling him 'rich'?" I asked, quite confused. I would get to talk about the rest later.

Sania cam and sat just at that moment and stuffed her mouth again.

"You don't know?!" He exclaimed, making other people to look at us but the he cleared his throat and the people stopped looking at us like we were potatoes with legs.

"Know what?" I asked.

"Oooh Drama!" Sania squealed silently and ate her pizza while moving her eyes from Asher to me and back to Asher then me. It's like she's watching a movie.

This might be the thing Zayn wanted to tell me! Oh Allah.

"That he's a Prince?" He joked. I looked at him bluntly.

"Very funny" I said sarcastically.

But his facial expression remained the same and I realised he wasn't joking.

"You aren't joking?" I asked, quite trembling.

"Of course not, why would I? He's a Prince. A fucking Prince. The Prince of Tauri-Hessia, this very village here"

"Oooooooooohhhh a crush-prince! SO cool!" Sania cooed and drank fizzy drinks to quench her excitement.

A PRINCE? What???

My jaws dropped to the floor and I gasped, "What?"

Everyone turned to look at us and I couldn't return to normal now.

"Could we talk about this outside?" I asked and got up. Asher got up too and Sania preferred remaining in the pizzeria, finishing our untouched pizzas.

Asher explained everything to me.

"He's the Prince of Tauri-Hessia but had to attend a normal school. So his identity was hidden but of course we came to know about it. That's pretty much why your friends were calling him 'Prince Charming', because he was actually a prince. He had this 'bad' behaviour -as you call it- because in his castle, he cannot do all these and actually has to be a gentleman. Most of the school population knew it, except some, among which you are"

"Whoa" was all that came out. So Zayn is a Prince. And I had all these 'moments' with a Prince. Fuck.

"The how come I never noticed him about here?" I asked.

"That's because he's never really out in the village." He answered.

I nodded. Whew! Who would have seen that coming?

"It's just why I want him to be with you. Because you guys are so cute together, and also it's a way for him to forgive me. You know, I was his best buddy back then" Asher said.

"And you want to use me as a way of you to get forgiven then?" I asked, feeling quite annoyed.

"No! I just thought that maybe you were the right one for him." He said.

"Well no, I'm not and just because you 'thought so', I won't be his, he won't be mine. I do not like him. He's just a highschool crush and now, I have to move on. So please, being a friend, you could stop talking about him to me." I said, turning a bit red with anger now.

"I'm full!" came Sania's voice and burped almost in Asher's face. Fortunately, she covered her mouth just in time.

"Oops, sorry buddy" She said sleepily.

"We'd better get home" I stated and said "bye" to Asher before walking away. Who does he think he is, ordering me with who to be?

"What happened?" asked Sania.

"Nothing" I replied shortly.

"Then, something's happened" she concluded and we said no more.


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