Chapter XXXIII

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I was in a strange place with no color, no shape, no light. To sense something, the littlest thing of them all, was impossible, as I couldn't even feel my own body, my spirit, I couldn't feel any wind around me, any ground beneath me.

There wasn't even a sense of time. I had no idea how long I had been in that state, that emptiness, only with a feeling of being void, that place, space of non existence. What was left of myself couldn't even identify the thoughts I should have in a situation like that.

A part of me wanted to give in into the nothing, the void, the emptiness, but there was a little spark of what I couldn't remember was life that prevented me from doing so, that seemed to scream for me to keep as conscious as I was until...

Until what?

I forgot what I had been thinking about. But was I thinking at all? Were those my thoughts or someone else's? It didn't even confused me, it didn't made the littlest effect on me, I didn't know why, and I didn't care.

There was just the silence, the black, the void, only the void. To sink into it could have been so... so what? Sink into what? I was slowly losing myself, to what I couldn't say then and I wouldn't be able to say now.

However, there was something I can remember. After a time, which I will never be able to remember how long it was, I heard. Something. Someone. There it was, a clear sound, coming from what I knew was a big distance. But I didn't know how to move, how to react, was I supposed to even react at it?

The sound came once again, and again. Then another one followed it. Both of them were different, but had something in common. They were voices, a female and the another one... what was it? I couldn't think about it, couldn't identify, but...

It was so... confusing.

My mind started to work again after that word. After that sole word. I was still in the void, in the emptiness, in the nothing, in the black, sinking still, but slowlier. Something called for me, something asked me to come.

The voices. That something was the voices, so desperate, so sad, so angry and so needy. I wanted to help them, I wanted to make them sound better. How could I? They were just too pretty, too beautiful to sound like that. It felt wrong.

I felt wrong. I was wrong.

Crack. Crack. Crack.

Another thing reacted, but fracturing, breaking, one second after the other. I could feel my mind waking up. I wanted to wake up, I needed to wake up. There was nothing telling me I should do it or how to, but I knew I had to, that I should.

The voices were louder this time, they were nearer, and I liked it. They were prettier and more beautiful than before, more attracting, more appealing. I wanted more, more of them, more of myself, more of me.

I wanted to wake up. I needed to wake up.

Just. Wake. Up.

My body took form, my whole being started to be shaped, to be born again. LIfe came again to me, to my body, to what was left of me, and started to fill the empty spaces.

But the void, what would it become of it? It was all I knew, all I could remember. It started to cry, trying to turn off the voices, and called for me. It was crying, it screamed in agony for my departure. I felt it trying to catch me, and I wanted it to do it.

I was terrified. I was scared. I was part of the void, I wanted to remain void. I didn't want to know what was there, I didn't want to discover something else. The void hurt, I knew it, but what it the new thing was worse? How could I know it was right to leave the black, the void, the emptiness? I didn't want to.

Something took me some place in my body, in that little, thin shape I was, and started to pull me out. I wanted to scream, but the voices again, they were calling me, the didn't stop. But the void...

My head started to hurt. I wanted them both. Wouldn't the voices come with the void and me? Why wouldn't they come with us? Why should I leave this place? The called again, and again, and again. And I kept hearing their words.

What was it that they said? A single word I almost understood, something that started with A. Al. Al. A. Why did I feel it was me? Was I A or Al? Was it me they were calling? Did I know those voices then?

The void screamed as I had never heard it before, breaking me to pieces. It needed me, and so I needed it. The voices could wait, but I didn't want them to. I kept going to the voices, listening to them, more to them and less to the void.

Less. Less and less every time I could remember.

Then I saw a light. It was killing the void, it hurt it and hurled around me. I cried, I gasped, I was about to get out, but the voices were still with me, and they were calling still. Now they were three. Two females and the other one, a strange one, but pretty.

Alynne. That was what they said. It was my name, it was me. They were calling me. They wanted me. They needed me. And so I

That was all I needed to react, to take the thread, to pull, to fight, to stand, to break and fly. I was going to see them. I wouldn't let the void get me, I couldn't, never again. I loved them. I loved me. The void was just destruction, death, the apocalypse. It was the end before time, it was tomp, it was... so void of life.

Hands. Skin. Hair. Feet. Clothes. Bone. Blood. I was alive, I was breathing and my heart was beating. I would never let it stop before my hair was grey and my years many, many more than they already were.

I swam with all my strength, fighting against the tentacles of the void that were trying to reach me, that wanted to imprison me again, but I would not let them. I was better, I deserved better. I was fated to something better. Gail. Pandora. Wiese. Their voices. It had been them. Then the water was gone, and I was greeted with a rain of light.

"Alynne!" It was Wiese, with big, red eyes. They started to run to me, but stopped at once.

"This is ... this is bad. This is wrong." It was Pandora who spoke then. She was totally terrified.

"What?" I tried to say, but no sound came from my mouth. "What?!" I screamed, but the result was the same. When I moved my hand to touch my neck, I couldn't feel nothing, just cold air.

I looked desperate everywhere. We were in a dark castle, barely illuminated by some candles, the light of the moon that came in through the window and the reflection it created. I identified what should be the princess's room, that where we were.

The I saw me. On the bed, sleeping, just as if that was what was happening. Something sounded right after that. Someone was hitting the bedroom's door. I looked at the door, panicked, but it didn't move.

"The vampires, there are still more." Said Wiese.

"Vampires?" Again, the result was the same.

"Alynne, this is a vampiric castle that seemed to be abandonned," Pandora explained, still paralyzed by fear, "and we took over. They want to recover it, but we won't let them, I swear. Just... just, just keep on living, as much as you can."

What was the meaning of that? I couldn't understand anything of the situation. As my friend drew a rune to turn the door into stone, I floated to my body... body? floated?

 body? floated?

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