16 Nov 2017 Announcement (This story is not on Radish yet)

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Hi everyone,

Just to update everyone that this story is not in Radish Fiction yet. I think it may take *groan* longer than ever* as the editing process is a nightmare. Remember, there are 70 chapters in this story. As a manuscript, it has close to 800 pages. So, the pain was more excruciating than expected. 

As per regular posting on Wattpad, I cannot guarantee that I will be able to commit to weekly updates. On August 27, I posted the message below on my profile. I'm not sure if anyone remembers or have had the chance to read it.

There have been mirror sites popping up that is threatening writers' copyrights. Because of this, I took down some projects. Still, no confirmation whether Wattpad has resolved this. During this time, I do ask your support by not patronising sites that violate the rights of writers, whether part of the Wattpad community or not.

If you happen to see stories, whether it's mine or another author's, published elsewhere, especially when it's under the name of another claiming they wrote it, please notify the author and Wattpad.

You all have my deepest gratitude for supporting me and my stories all these years. You have motivated me to keep writing when I thought I had no more stories to tell. Your votes and comments have calmed my own self-doubt where I'm constantly thinking if what I'm doing will work for my audience.

I do apologise to those who are currently reading and following some of my stories, but I have to put it on hold here on Wattpad. I will endeavour to work quicker in completing the editing/revision process so it can be available on other platforms other than Wattpad where it's currently vulnerable to piracy.

To those trying to find me on Radish, my username is JohannaLee. Again Losing Cinderella is not up yet. I do apologise for the epic length of time for this story to go up. Major proofreading/revisions going on. From there, it has to go through the editor. I will be announcing when this will go up on Radish definitely.

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me (reply may be slow as I don't always get notifications.

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