Chapter Fifteen

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The Ward that I found myself in was familiar, but it wasn't where I was currently meant to be.
I was meant to be in the Ward where the Women go after having their babies, but my mind was whirling and I just didn't even know where I was going.
Emma knew who had been behind the accident?
Some guy who was hell bent on revenge nearly killed Me and my Twins?
He was Emma's Brother?!
I stopped in my tracks and turned around, scanning the area for whoever had called out to Me.
A slightly familiar woman, dressed in a pencil skirt and a light grey shirt tucked into the skirt, with thin brown eyebrows, brown hair and green eyes walked towards Me, her heels clicking away on the shiny floor.
"D-Doctor M-Mercy..."
I tried my best to smile.
The Doctor's gaze flickered around the waiting room before she peered back at my face, her expression expectant.
"I really need to talk to you."
She insisted.
My palms began to tingle again.
My mind was already reeling.
I was struggling to make sense of things that I thought I'd finally began to come to terms with.
I really didn't want to consume any more information right now.
"C-can it w-wait?"
I squeaked.
I really need to get back to Blayze and the Boy's...
The Doctor pressed her lips together and shook her head, her green eyes serious.
"I'm afraid it cannot."
I croaked.
"Follow Me."
The Doctor turned on her heel and led the way towards a set of dark blue double doors.
Sucking in a deep, slightly shaky breath, I forced my feet to follow her.
I'd met this Doctor once.
What the heck could she possibly want with Me so urgently?!
The last time I'd seen her She and a Nurse had taken a spot out of my shoulder.
I followed the Doctor past the reception desk where the receptionists were focused intently on their computer screens, tapping away at their keyboards.

It felt like all my blood drained down to my toes.
No, no, no!
"We'll have to run some more tests."
Doctor Mercy explained, her voice gentle.
"But it looks like the best course of attack will be a fairly soon round of chemotherapy."
It felt like somebody lodged a serrated edged knife into my chest.
Doctor Mercy had reminded Me I'd missed my checkup appointment after they'd taken the spot off my shoulder.
That was the day of the dreaded accident.
My Twins' Birthday.
Doctor Mercy closed the folder with a gentle thud that made me jump.
"I more than understand that it's a lot to take in..."
She spoke like she was trying not to scare Me.
Little did she know, I was 100% freaking the fuck out.
"I'd like for you to come in on Monday and we can run more tests."
Doctor Mercury explained, clasping her hands together on top of the folder that was sitting in front of her.
I swallowed thickly, my throat positively burning with a fresh round of unshed tears.
A muffled, rather loud voice sounded from outside.
Doctor Mercy shot a frown towards the closed office door.
My mind was reeling.
The accident.
The dreaded C.
My Toddler.
My six week old Babies.
My Fiancé.
A rapid knock sounded on the closed office door.
"I'm sorry."
Doctor Mercy apologised to Me and pushed out of her chair.
She speed walked around the desk despite her heels and over to the door, opening it part way.
"I'm in a private consult!"
She hissed, scolding whoever had knocked.
"I'm sorry. The Hospital is in a search for this lady."
A few silent seconds ticked by.
Hot tears burned my eyes.
This was not fair.
This fucking wasn't fair!
Doctor Mercy called for Me.
Sucking in a shaky breath, I twisted around in my seat.
Doctor Mercy walked over to where I was seated and showed Me an illuminated phone screen.
"Do you know why somebody would be looking for you?"
She asked quietly, her tender expression coloured with concern.
My face was indeed on the screen.
Someone's looking for Me?
I looked to the top of the phone screen and saw that the time read 1:16PM.
I felt my eyes just about pop out of my head.
I'd told Blayze I was going to the toilet over two hours ago!
"Can I borrow this phone to make a call?"
I asked Doctor Mercy, lifting my gaze to look at her face.
"Charles can my client borrow the phone to make a call?"
Doctor Mercy asked, turning back towards the door.
A masculine voice replied.
With slightly shaking fingers, I stumbled my way through the Samosung's layout, finally finding the keypad so I could call a new number.
As the call connected, I put the phone up to my ear.
Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring, ring-
A piercing stab hit my heart, just from hearing his voice say the one word.
His voice...
What if I was limited for how long I could hear it for?
A storm of hot tear's pricked st my eyes.
Blayze repeated, sounding frustrated.
"Hey it- it's Me."
I croaked, lifting my free hand to wipe at my tears.
Blayze sounded like he wasn't quite sure he could believe his ears.
I agreed, sinking back into the chair I was sitting in.
"Where the hell are you?!"
I looked up to Doctor Mercy's face.
If I told him I was with a Doctor, he'd ask questions.
If I told him where exactly in the Hospital I currently was, he would freak the hell out.
I slid myself to the edge of the chair, my body feeling like a block of wet cement.
My body didn't want to move, but I had to.
I have to go back to Blayze.
To my Kid's.
A whole new round of tear's burned my throat.
My favourite, most precious People...
"I'm c-coming b-back n-now."
I croaked, my voice struggling to work.
I stood on wobbly legs, my knees trembling and my heart pounding.
"Where are you? I'll come get you."
It pierced at my heart to know how much he cared and I'd evidently worried him.
"J-just wait at P-Peyton's room I-I'll be there s-soon."
I told him.
"Bailey please tell Me where the fuck You are?"
I couldn't see his face, but the strained tone of his voice had me betting he was pacing the floor and had his free hand tangled in his hair, every ridge of muscle in his body tense.
"I'm coming now."
I promised, my voice thankfully somehow only slightly trembling.
Doctor Mercy offered Me an encouraging smile.
I whispered into the phone.
I pulled the phone from my ear, tear's rolling down my face as I tapped the red 'end' button.
"I'll get the receptionists to call you tomorrow about an appointment."
Doctor Mercy told Me, her voice gentle as she carefully took the phone from my shaking left hand.
Her gaze locked on the glinting ring on my finger and their green depths filled with sorrow as she lifted her gaze back to my face.
How the fuck am I going to tell Blayze about this?
With my heart aching to the point that I for sure thought it was breaking, I stepped out of the office, the man waiting outside stepping aside to let Me through.
I barely even registered that he was wearing a security shirt.
Now to find my Fiancé...
And hug my Babies...
My throat felt like it was breaking down due to how bitter the burning sensation was.
Tear's clouded my vision as I walked down the corridor.
How the fuck was I even going to do this?
I'm nineteen years old!
My Son's are fourteen months old and six weeks old!
Blayze and I are set to get married in May!
The tears began to roll hot and freely down my cheeks.

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