Chapter Fourteen

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We had a busy day ahead of us.
Thursday the 16th of February marked six weeks since the Twins' birth.
And the dreaded accident that nearly cost more than one person everything, but I was already trying extremely hard to not even think about it.
I'd vowed weeks ago to do my best to just look forward.
Luka, Brodie and Dale deserved it.
Blayze deserved it.
I deserved it.
My hair was in a messy knot on the top of my head, because it hadn't needed washing and I didn't have time to wash it because two out of three of the Kid's were already awake, but I had to shower because at least one Doctor had to examine Me today.
I dried my body off as fast as I could, knowing Blayze was alone with both Brodie and Dale awake.
My shower had lasted maybe three or four minutes, because there was just so much to do now that we had three little people to drag around with us.
Realistically we could leave Luka behind today, because it was only the Twin's and I being checked on at the Hospital, but our fourteen month old Tornado child had turned into a major Mummy's boy in the two week's I'd been home from Hospital.
If there was one thing that kicked at my heart, it was having to walk away while Luka had a meltdown over my departure.
If he was awake, I lately couldn't even go to the toilet without him chasing Me.
If I dared to try and have a shower while he was awake, he would be punching and kicking the other side of the door, screaming his lungs out and I'd be standing under the water with a crumbling heart and tear's rolling down my face amidst the water.
I'd only dared to try that party trick twice in the last couple of weeks.
Now, I wait until Blayze, Mum or even Grandma are around, while all three Babies are sleeping.
Last Friday when I'd had my appointment with the Psychologist and Blayze and I had gone to town, Mum watching the three boy's, I'd had tears rolling down my face for the first twenty K's of the drive thanks to Luka's heartfelt reaction to my departure.
Knowing my eldest Son could well be awake by now and might be freaking out about my absence, I tossed my towel aside and pulled my underwear, then my jeans and loose fitting t-shirt on.
While I gathered my used towel and my pyjamas, I strained my ear's for any noises from the other room's of the house.
I could vaguely hear the clicking of one of the Dogs' claws on the floorboards, but that was it.
I tucked the pile that I had to dump into the laundry under one arm and opened the bathroom door.
I still couldn't hear much from the house as I stepped into the hallway, other than maybe Blayze stirring a coffee.
I guess Tornado Luka isn't up yet then.
Brodie and Dale were probably content, because they'd had their nappies changed and already had their bottles before I came to the shower.
I'd given Blayze the job of getting the Twin's dressed, but considering I'd attempted to have a lightning fast shower, I wasn't all that sure he would've achieved the task yet.
He'd probably only just boiled the kettle and put his coffee together.
I stepped into the laundry's doorway and tossed my pyjamas and towel into the open dirty clothes bin.
Maybe if I could put a load in the machine before we left, it would be good and ready for one of us to hang out when we returned.
Then again, Blayze would probably have to head outside and get some work done by the time we got back...
And I had to get a move on with getting ready, because we had to be out the house by 7:30!

I exclaimed, giving Luka an exaggerated kiss on his perfect little mouth.
My eldest Son giggled in delight, his blue eyes sparkling.
"We ready to go?"
I queried, checking his straps of his car seat were in place properly.
Luka agreed, giving his boots covered feet an excited kick.
He looked freakin' adorable, even if I do say so myself, in a pair of dark wash Wrangler jeans, a light blue Bullzye t-shirt and his brown and bright blue Ariat cowboy boots.
His black hair was as unruly as ever, much like his Father's, but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.
Appearance wise, the only thing that connected Luka and I, was his blue eyes.
His raven hair, his cheeky smile and even his fiercest glare were Blayze through and through, plus the fact that he was already slightly above average in height.
"Am I strappin' you into one of those god damn kiddy seats or are you gonna get your arse in the front seat?"
We were about to be late.
"I'm coming now."
I promised Blayze, rumpling Luka's unruly hair and then edging my way out of the back seat of the car.
Time to make the drive to Currency Creek and the Hospital.
The Twin's were in for a big day, if Doctor Legend decided to give them their first injections as well as their checkup.
And mine.
Pausing at the passenger side front door, I looked down at my still slightly swollen stomach.
I'd never planned on having a cesarean, even when we'd known I was pregnant with Twin's.
I'd also never planned on being in an accident which almost killed Me.
You can't exactly always choose what fate has in store for you though.
All I could do was hope my body was recovering okay and we could get on with life as we'd wanted it.
A cesarean was considered to be major surgery.
And I also had an incision where they cut into Me to get to the source of the internal bleeding I'd had after the accident.
The gentle whirring of the passenger side window rolling down caught my attention like the noise was a gunshot.
I snapped my head up to find Blayze leaning part way across the cab, his left elbow braced on the centre console.
"Are we goin' to this appointment or are we not?"
He asked, raising a questioning eyebrow.
He was wearing his white rough rider hat and had on a light blue button down shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, looking like the same old Blayze, but also a little mouthwatering.
He no doubt thought my apprehension was about getting into the car again.
Thanks to now thinking about it, the troublesome seed was planted.
Since the accident I damn well hate the car's.
I no longer trust that we'll make it safely from A to B in them.
But the Twin's need to have their checkup.
And their first inoculations so they're safe from troublesome viruses.
Biting into my lower lip, I reached up to grab the passenger door's handle and pulled the door open.
Clenching my jaw, I grabbed the safety handle, placed my left boot onto the sidestep and eased myself up into the passenger seat.
A small, but obvious white smile graced Blayze's lips, his blue-green eyes sparkling.
"Nice job Cowgirl."
He praised.
A warm blush began to heat up my cheeks.
Before I could open my mouth to reply, Blayze slotted something onto my head and it took Me a moment to realise it was my hat.
When the heck did he bring my hat out to the car?
I reached up a hand to adjust the black Rough Rider for a more comfortable fit on my head.
A squealing noise from the back seat made both Blayze and I twist around in our seat's, curious.
Blayze just twisted, whereas I more or less had to swivel my whole body around.
Luka had his hands stretched out, seemingly reaching for the ceiling of the car, his expression desperate.
What the-?
I turned to Blayze quizzically, but the hat rack hanging from the roof of his car happened to catch my attention.
I lifted my gaze to the roof and saw that Luka's black Akubra was the last one remaining in the travelling rack.
I couldn't help but smile, turning my gaze back to Blayze's face.
"I think he wants his hat."
Blayze agreed, lifting a hand to reach into the rack and fetch Luka's much smaller hat.
"Wanna give it to him?"
He asked Me, offering it to Me.
I shook my head, my smile pulling at my lips.
"You can."
Luka would love it for Blayze to give it to him.
And Blayze would be able to reach into the back seat a lot easier.
I'd have to turn around, get on my knees and lean around my seat.
Blayze modded and switched Luka's hat into his left hand, extending his arm back into the back section of the car.
Luka reached forward as much as he was able to and soon his hands clasped on the felt brim.
A face splitting grin lit up our darling boy's face and he lifted the hat to his head.
It took him a few moments, but eventually he managed to get it on his head.
Except it was askew, slanting off to the right and I couldn't help but giggle.
Luka however, grinned like the cat who ate the canary.
With his own chuckle, Blayze twisted around in his seat and reached back to adjust Luka's hat for him.
When the hat was sitting properly, my heart positively melted.
Our first born is just pure perfection.
"Atta Boy Cowboy!"
Blayze exclaimed and held his hand out to Luka.
Grinning from ear to ear, Luka slapped his Daddy's hand.
"I so have to get a picture of this!"
I whispered, leaning forward to grab my handbag off the floor.
Luka wasn't necessarily known to keep his hat on for too long these days, so I wanted a picture while I had the chance to get one.
I snapped a couple of pictures of our grinning Toddler and then Blayze plucked the phone out of my hand.
I queried, turning to frown at him.
Did he think I was 'wasting too much time'?
He knows I love to document Luka's life!
Brodie and Dale's turn had started too.
My phone's storage was almost full!
Blayze tapped a button on the camera screen to flip the camera around.
"What... are you doing...?"
I asked wearily.
He stretched his arm out so that the phone almost touched the glass of the windscreen.
I could see our faces in the screen and even Luka and the Twins' car seats.
Oh no!
I felt my eyes widen.
He's taking a damn selfie of our family!
He ordered, shooting me a sideways glance, a smile tugging at his own lips.
Awe man...
Blayze shot me a frown.
"Smile or I'll tickle ya!"
He warned.
Oh shit!
I slipped a quick smile into place, my gaze focused on the phone screen.
Blayze declared and the screen flashed.
I reached for the phone and Blayze handed it over to Me.
"We gotta move."
He declared and reached forward to start the car.
"Did you take some photos to distract Me?"
I murmured, flicking through the photos he'd taken.
He'd taken more than the one I'd thought he had.
He shot Me a slightly impish glance as he put the car into reverse, quite frankly making him look adorable.
I couldn't help but smile.
He can be cute when he wants to!
"But I also know you like documenting this stuff."
He reasoned, easing the car backwards and slowly in a curve.
Time to get to town for the Twins' checkup.

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