Chapter Eleven

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I paced the all too familiar floor of my Hospital room, my heart positively hammering inside my chest.
Since Friday Brodie and Dale had been spending increasing amounts of time in my Hospital room with Me.
Friday they were with Me for two hours, just hanging out.
Saturday it was four.
Sunday it was six.
Monday it was eight.
Tuesday was ten.
Yesterday was an entire twelve hour's.
I spun around at the sound of a knock on the closed door.
The door opened and an all too familiar figure stepped through the doorway.
"About time!"
I exclaimed, throwing my arms up.
Blayze's deep blue-green eyes sparkled in amusement.
"Took too long for your liking eh?"
He teased.
Far too long!
Blayze opened his arms, inviting Me in.
"How about ya gimme a hug?"
Hug's are good...
I closed the space between us and wrapped my arms around his back, turning my head to the side so I didn't crush my nose against his chest.
Today was Do day.
It was time to take the Twin's and I home.
My stomach was knotted up with nerves I'd been feeling since Monday when the idea had been brought up.
I was telling myself it was because I was anxious about the car ride and officially taking Brodie and Dale home, where I couldn't hand them back to the Nurse's if I couldn't cope.
Deep down though, I knew there was a bit more to it.
Taking a moment to just breathe in Blayze's familiarity, my heart twisted with guilt.
It's been a week since The Sperm Donor's unexpected visit.
And I still haven't told Blayze or anybody else what James wanted.
I sighed, hugging Blayze tighter, as if that alone could just make all the other worries disappear.
"I've missed you."
I whispered, my throat thick.
"I know the visit's got less frequent and I'm sorry for that."
Blayze replied, voice quiet, giving my back a gentle rub.
Thing's got busy.
The Farm needed it's worker's.
Luka needed his Daddy.
The Hospital was nearly 300 kilometres away from home.
Less visit's once I was 'okay' were understandable, even if it did hurt.
"It's fine!"
I croaked, tear's suddenly stinging my eyes.
"You ready to do this?"
Blayze asked.
Clearly he was ready to get the heck out of here.
I wasn't sure I was ready.
But by now I didn't particularly have a choice.
The same four wall's of the Hospital were driving Me nut's.
Brodie and Dale had been deemed fit and healthy to go home.
It was time to do it.
I pulled back from Blayze's hug, tipping my head back to get a look at his face.
"I thought you were bringing Luka along too?"
It was meant to be our first official family car ride, bringing Brodie and Dale home.
Blayze jerked his head towards the ajar door.
"He's chattin' with Nate at the moment."
My heart skipped a beat.
Luka's here!
And he's probably by now chatting up the Nursing staff...
I shot a glance towards my over stuffed bag that would barely zip up, thanks to all the clothes that had made their way here on Mum's visit's.
"Let's get outta here!"
I might be borderline panicking about the car ride, but I at the same time definitely didn't want to stay in this damn Hospital a single moment longer!
"Let's do it."
Blayze agreed.
I headed for the Hospital room's door and Blayze grabbed my overstuffed bag off the end of the unmade bed.

My heart lit with joy as my Main Man ran at Me at full force,  his adorable little grin wide and happy.
"Hi Baby!"
I exclaimed, grinning down at him.
"He's a bundle of happy energy that's for certain."
Doctor Legend told Me, a smile gracing his lips as he too came forward.
I shot the Good Doctor a smile.
"He sure is!"
Doctor Legend grinned.
"Just how a kid should be!"
"He's ready to take his Mum and his Brother's home aren't ya bud?"
I glanced over my shoulder as Blayze joined us, my overstuffed bag slung over one shoulder.
Luka had his arm's wrapped around my right leg, practically winding his small body around my leg as though he was never again going to let Me go.
"How old's he now?"
Doctor Legend asked, glancing between Blayze and I.
Even though I knew the answer, I looked to Blayze, seeing if he'd voice his thoughts.
Blayze held up his hands, as if to hold off an attack.
"Don't ask Me! All's I know is his Birthday's in November."
Laughing, Doctor Legend shook his head.
I rolled my eyes.
"He's fourteen months."
I told the Doctor, turning back to him.
Nate whistled, looking down to Luka.
"Seem's big for fourteen months."
What the?
I looked down at my eldest Son and reached down to ruffle his unruly black hair.
Nate shrugged.
"Then again, we all know he was measuring bigger through gestation anyway."
He shot us a smile.
"Guess he's just a little above average."
"Of course."
Blayze agreed with a shrug.
It was my turn to laugh.
Typical Blayze.
"So you're out of here then."
I shot Doctor Legend a smile.
"Not a moment fast enough if you ask me!"
The Doctor laughed!
"Then it's a good thing we didn't!"
Smiling, Blayze shook his head.
"In all seriousness."
Doctor Legend spoke, his green gaze softening.
"Look after yourself."
I nodded quickly.
"Will do."
I was fairly positive Blayze and my Family wouldn't let Me do anything but anyway.
A tug on my leg reminded me of Luka who was with us and his short attention span.
I reached down to rake my fingers through his unruly raven hair, the gesture making some of it's length stand up in spikes.
"We'll go get Brodie and Dale now."
I told the small boy.
He tipped his head back to look up at Me, his expression quizzical.
Two version's of masculine laughter reached my ear's.
"Brodie and Dale."
I agreed, smiling down at Luka.
I just loved listening to him trying to learn new words and terms.

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