Chapter Ten

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"We won't push things too far just yet."
Zahlia shook her head.
"But how about we see how at least you and one of them likes a cuddle?"
I turned my gaze to my sleeping Son's in the double plastic see through cot.
Their slightly golden faded with tiny dark pink lips looked so peaceful.
Their eyes were lightly shut, just the slightest crease of a frown visible between Brodie's brows.
Memories of Brodie staring at Me and holding onto my hand last night in my secret visit to the Nursery flooded my mind and my heart.
I yearned for more.
I whispered in agreement.
I eased myself to the edge of my wheelchair and then slowly rose out of the chair, to stand at the base of the cot.
I looked between the Twins, chewing into my lower lip.
Decision, decisions.
I'd had a moment with Brodie last night, even if Blayze was affectively the only other person who knew about it, so I figured today, or at least right now should be Dale's turn.
Life was certainly easier with just one baby to consider...
The thing was, I now had no choice but to work out two.
One thing was for sure, raising Twin's was bound to be one hell of an experience!
Carefully and bit by bit, I reached into the see through plastic cot to touch Dale's seemingly not actually that small body.
"They're so peaceful..."
Zahlia mused.
They were.
I just hoped I didn't screw it up by picking one of them up...
The Twins were wearing sleeveless and legless body suits, Brodie's in light blue and Dale's in dark blue.
On Brodie's front, the suit read He did it and an arrow pointed to Brodie's left, towards Dale.
Dale's suit read No He Did and the arrow pointed to Dale's right, in Brodie's direction.
I couldn't help but smile.
I guess Mum probably brought some of the Boys' clothes in from home, because I remembered those outfits.
I slipped my hands under Dale, one hand going up behind his shoulders so I could attempt to steady his head as I lifted him up and the other hand going more or less under his nappy covered bum.
He tensed up beneath my hands and seemed to tuck himself up into a fetal ball.
What the?
Luka never did that...
I did my best to shrug my concerns off and I lifted the infant out of the cot.
His chosen position sure seemed to make my lifting efforts easier!
His eyes slid open, revealing his all too familiar blue-green orbs as they locked onto my face.
"Hey gorgeous boy..."
I crooned, smiling down at his sweet little, curious face.
He blinked up at Me.
With my heart hammering inside my chest, I shifted Dale around, tucking him into my arm and against my body, hoping to make us both comfortable.
"Do you want um... a photo or something?"
Momentarily I'd managed to forget that I was actually here with company.
I peeled my gaze off Dale's sweet little face, to look over at the Midwife, Zahlia.
Photographic evidence of my first hold of Dale?
Well I'd snapped my own picture of Brodie holding onto my finger for the first time.
Dad deserved the Milestones' treatment as well.
I nodded.
"Do you have your phone on you or do you need me to use mine?"
Zahlia asked, shifting so she was facing Me.
I'd left it on the bedside table in my Hospital room.
"It's back in my room."
I whispered, dropping my gaze down to Dale's face.
"I'll use mine then and text it to you."
Zahlia suggested.
My heart seemed to accelerate.
I'd get a photo after all!
Bracing myself, I peeled my gaze off Dale's face and looked towards Zahlia.
I probably needed to actually look at the camera for a photo...
Zahlia claimed, lowering the phone that looked like it was probably a Samsung model.
"Do you want me to text it to you now?"
She offered.
Now would probably be good, in case we forgot about it after.
I wouldn't want to miss out on the picture.
"Yeah. Thanks. Need me to tell you my number?"
I asked, adjusting Dale in my arms, because my right arm began to get a cramp.
Who knew an almost three week old Baby could seem so heavy?
"Just a sec..."
Zahlia focused her gaze on her phone and tapped away at the screen.
"Hit me!"
She suddenly declared.
I recited my mobile bomber to her and her fingers tapped away wth each number I said.
She declared and pocketed her phone, slipping a quick smile into place.
"Thank you."
I told her, a slight blush warming my cheeks.
Who needed photographic evidence that they'd actually spent some time with their children?
Well, I guess I did.
The Twins and I hadn't exactly had the smoothies or starts to their beginning of this journey we call life.
Already, when they weren't even three weeks old, I had time to make up for.
"You look really good together."
I dragged my eyes off Dale's perfect little face, where his eyes were fluttering, like he was fighting to keep them open, to look over at Zahlia.
Dale and I look 'good' together?
Zahlia must have read something in my expression.
"You both seem nice and relaxed."
She explained.
As much as I was trying to be relaxed, my back muscles were almost aching due to how stiff my spine was.
I swallowed and turned my gaze back down to Dale's face.
I lifted my left hand, using my right arm to support his body and I gently brushed the backs of my fingers against his soft cheek.
"It's good to see you gorgeous Boy."
I murmured, just for his ear's to hear.

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