Chapter Nine

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Doctor Parker, my Psychologist, shifted forward in her seat and clasped her hands together, propping her elbows on her thighs and her chin on top of her joint hands.
Uh oh...
Her posture was a clear indicator that she was about to drop a bomb on Me.
I did my best to keep my calm mask in place, watching her carefully.
"Your Midwife, Kayla, contracted a virus and is in quarantine for around six weeks."
My heart seemed to skip a beat.
The Midwife, Kayla Vanner, was meant to be assisting Me with getting used to life battling infant Twins.
Now the fates had made her leave me in the lurch.
"But there is a replacement on offer."
Doctor Parker explained, watching me carefully.
A replacement?
My heart seemed to sink.
I liked Kayla.
She was straight talking, yet sensitive.
My veins thrummed with nerves at the idea of dealing with somebody new.
"If you need a day to prepare, then that's okay."
Doctor Parker soothed, a small smile gracing her lips.
"But she's here and waiting to meet you."
My heart stuttered inside my chest.
I swallowed nervously.
I really didn't want to work with somebody new.
I wanted Kayla.
But I'd made a vow to myself, to get back to being my Sons' Mother.
Luka needed Me.
I hoped Brodie and Dale needed Me too.
I squeaked, nerves taking over my voice.
A grin lit Doctor Parker's face.
"Excellent! I'll go get here then!"
She uncrossed her legs and pushed herself to her feet.
I stared after the Psychologist in horror, unable to make my mouth work in order to call her back.
I wasn't ready for this yet!
Doctor Parker disappeared through the double doorway and I sank back into the armchair I was seated in, biting into my lower lip.
I really hated feeling so nervous.
It wasn't usually Me.
But I just couldn't seem to shake it.
I glanced towards the clock up on the wall.
Just under fifteen minutes left of Doctor Parker and I's session.
An hour every day seemed a bit excessive for appointments with the same person, but I at least was beginning to feel like my old self was somewhat within my grasp.

Hushed voices sounded near the door and I turned my eyes that way, straining my ears to listen for if it was Doctor Parker back.
"Right through here."
The Psychologist in question stated as she stepped into the doorway.
Biting into my lower lip, I peered past her figure to get a look at the replacement Midwife.
A rather tall woman stepped into view, wearing a tight pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a light blue t-shirt top with a badge camped onto the left side of the chest.
She had blonde hair that was pulled up into a pony tail, but her dark eyebrows hinted to the fact that she probably dyed her hair.
Her skin was clear, looking like she looked after it well, with a set of thick and dark lashes surrounding her eyes.
Her nose was angular, but seemed to fit her face perfectly and her jaw was prominent yet still managed to look feminine.
"Bailey, meet Zahlia Madden."
With a smile, Doctor Parker gestured towards the other woman.
That was a different name.
Unique, but oddly interesting.
'Zahlia' turned her gaze onto mine and a smile graced her pink lips as she stepped forward.
"Hi Bailey!"
She greeted, walking towards the chairs I was seated at.
I stammered, mentally cursing myself for the stuttering.
"You seem nervous."
Zahlia declared, sliding herself into an armchair that more or less faced mine.
I felt a blush warm my cheeks and dropped my gaze to my leggings covered knees.
"I was just a bit surprised to hear my midwife had to bail."
I admitted.
"Well, I can't promise you I'll do better than her, but I can promise you I've got ten years of Midwifery under my belt."
Ten years?
I snapped my gaze up to get a look at her face.
Upon her arrival, I didn't think she could possibly be any older than her mid twenties.
On slightly closer inspection, she still seemed fairly young.
There were no obvious lines or tightness on her face.
Looking at her face, from just a few feet away though, I couldn't help but take a second look.
Something in the back of my mind warned me to pay special attention, but I couldn't pinpoint what it was or why.
"We can just use today to get to know each other a bit if you'd like?"
Zahlia offered, raising a questioning eyebrow.
I blinked at her.
What did she just say?
Get to know each other.
A Woman and her Midwife were meant to already know each other, through the gestation of the pregnancy.
But now my Midwife was out of action.
I bit into my lower lip and nodded.
A smile graced Zahlia's lips and I noticed the first hint of a few crease lines at the corner of her eyes.
"I'll leave you to it, if you're comfortable enough Bailey."
Oh shit.
Doctor Parker was actually still here!
I twisted around to look at the Psychologist.
"Thank you for the talk."
I told her.
I knew she was just doing her job, but I still felt the need to thank her for listening to my troubled moods, emotions and thoughts.
Sometimes I was happy when I spoke to her in our sessions.
Sometimes I was a crying mess.
Other times I seemed to be an emotional wreck.
But she still kept coming back the next day, ready to have her brain fried out all over again.
Doctor Parker offered Me a kind smile.
"You did great today Bailey. I'll see you tomorrow at ten again."
I nodded.
Tomorrow it would all start all over again.
"Bye Zahlia."
Doctor Parker bade.
Zahlia waved.
Doctor Parker turned on her heel and headed out of the patients' lounge.
Biting into my lower lip, I turned back to the new Midwife.

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