It took her only a couple of moments to locate what she was looking for.
It confused me when she came back towards the bed with her phone gripped into one hand.
Her face was pinched with something like nerves, but it didn't strike any feelings within my own soul.
I just felt hollow.
"Take a look at this."
Mum all but whispered, tapping away at the screen.
A huge part of me wanted to tell her to just put the damn phone away.
But she's my Mum so I could hardly do that.
I just had to try to muster up some form of interest, even if it was only fake.
A small smile graced Mum's lips as she turned the phone screen around and held it out to me.
Biting into my lower lip, I took the Samsung from her and peered at the screen.
My seemingly hollow heart lit up with something as I examined the photo that was displayed in front of me.
Messy black hair that was sticking up...
Sparkling blue eyes...
A cheeky, toothy grin lighting up his tanned little face...
And a way too big, grey Akubra clutched in his tanned little hands, almost covering his entire body.
I could just see blue jeans poking out at the bottom and a pair of brown boots.
Luka Blayze Riley.
My Baby...
Hot tears pricked at my eyes.
Mum reached forward and swiped a finger across the screen.
My eyes adjusted to the new image and my breath seemed to catch in my lungs.
My heart seemed to practically stop beating.

My heart seemed to practically stop beating

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I stood at the huge window that lined the Nursery for the Premature Babies.
My Son's were four days old and this was the closest I'd gotten to them.
Staring through the glass like a Creeper.
What was even worse?
From here, I didn't even know which cots held my Kids.
I could read the signs on the first couple of rows of see through cots and none of them said 'Harley' on the nameplate.
The greeting hit me like somebody had thrown water on me.
I pulled my eyes off the seemingly endless rows of Babies and turned around to find a familiar face.
Doctor Nate Legend.
Nate eyed me over and raised his eyebrows at me.
"Well don't you look like Hell."
He declared.
He wasn't the only one with that opinion.
I'd had little more than a couple hours' rest per night in the last almost one hundred and twenty hours.
I rolled my exhausted eyes.
Nate folded his arms across his chest.
"I was told I might find you here."
His green gaze swung towards the Babies before turning back to Me.
"You are allowed in you know?"
He noted, raising a brow at me.
I didn't really want to tell him I knew I was allowed to but couldn't.
Nate turned around so his back was to the large glass window and he leaned against the wall and window.
"So I had a message that you wanted to speak with me."
He explained.
"Bailey woke up yesterday..."
I informed him.
Nate nodded.
"I did check her Status on my arrival. That's excellent news."
"Well she doesn't seem to be coping very well."
I folded my arms across my chest, adjusting most of my weight onto one leg.
Nate raised his eyebrows at Me.
"She was in massive freak out mode, which I can understand."
I explained.
"But she didn't want to see Me or Kylie."
A frown marred Nate's brow.
"And she's determined that she lost the Twins."
I concluded.
Nate's eyebrows shot up and he twisted around to look into the Nursery Room.
"Don't ask me which ones they are, coz I don't know."
I muttered.
What kind of a Father did that make Me if I didn't even know which of the Kids were mine?
Nate turned back to me.
"Have you not seen them yet?"
He questioned, a slight frown forming on his brow.
I frowned.
"I want your advice on Bailey not to psychoanalyse Me."
"I'm going to go and check on Bailey."
Nate told me, raising a hand to point a finger at Me.
"But I suggest you visit your Son's Blayze."
Yeah, I probably should.
But I didn't want to step into that Room without Bailey.
Nate stepped up and lifted his hand to squeeze my shoulder.
"Keep your chin up Mate."
He encouraged before he turned around and headed back down the corridor.

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