Chapter Six

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I couldn't sleep unless the Doctor stabbed me with the needle.
After the needle, I couldn't keep my eyes open for very long.
The Hospital room I was sitting in, was almost in full darkness, because I'd told the Nurse who'd last visited that I wanted the blinds to remain closed.
I didn't want to see the sunlight.
My heart was too heavy for sunlight and blue skies.
I didn't know what the time was and I truly did not even care.
A knock sounded on the closed door.
My heart twisted painfully.
I was terrified to see anybody beyond the Doctor's and Nurse's.
Flashbacks of seeing Blayze and Mum at some stage, rang in my head, but I couldn't remember the conversation I might have had with them.
My head was driving me crazy lately.
It was difficult to tell what was dreams and what was reality at the moment.
The door cracked open, a beam of light from the corridor filtering into the room.
It eased open further still and a shadowed figure moves into view.
It took me only a moment to recognise my Mother.
A fresh round of tears welled in my eyes and I blinked hard against them.
No more crying Bailey...
"Hi Baby."
Mum all but whispered, making her way towards the bed I was sitting in as always.
My throat felt too thick to speak, so I didn't even try, just sunk back into the cushions propped up behind my back.
"How are you feeling today?"
Mum kept her voice bright but quiet as she set her handbag onto a nearby chair, managing to not take her eyes off me.
I don't want to do this anymore?
It would gut my Mother to hear me say any of that, so I pressed my lips together, keeping the words locked in.
Mum leaned forward and braced her elbows on the mattress, clasping her hands together.
"My god you have no idea how relieved we all are honey."
Even I could detect the tremble in her voice although she tried hard to keep her tone upbeat.
Yeah, they probably were.
I'm alive.
But I guess nobody understands that my heart is broken and I can't see a way of it getting fixed.
My Twins...
A fresh pool of tears burned the backs of my eyes and I squeezed them shut.
"It's been a tough few days hasn't it Baby."
Mum's voice was thick and I flinched when her cool hand overlapped one of mine.
I dragged my eyes open, swallowing thickly and pressing my lips firmly together.
"Honey, I really want to show you something."
Mum whispered.
Show me something?
Like I was even remotely interested in anything anymore!
Blayze, Luka, Phoenix, Zuke...
Just thinking about any one of them made my heart clench painfully.
"Can I show you?"
Mum whispered, her tone hopeful but a little anxious and her facial expression pretty much the same.
I didn't share her hope or her optimism, but, looking st her face, I could hardly tell her no.
I whispered, my mostly unused voice scratchy.
I cringed at the raw feeling and swallowed hard.
"Do you want a drink?"
Mum offered.
I shook my head.
A drink didn't interest me.
Neither did food...
Mum pushed back from the bed and went over to the chair to rummage in her handbag.

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