Chapter Four

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The Critical Intensive Care Unit was chaos when we arrived, a few other people pacing the shiny floor, clearly worried about their loved ones.
Doctor's and Nurse's in blue and green scrubs sprinted their way through different doors, clearly in a hurry.
Although it had felt like we'd been on the road for an eternity, the clock on my phone let me know we'd been driving for only around a quarter over an hour.
We'd arrived at Emergency and been given a terrifying run around for a few minutes before somebody was smart enough to check for Bailey's name in other sections of the Hospital and directed us to CICU.
My knee's felt like they were made of jelly as I rushed through the corridors with Lukas, Blayze, Codie and Heath.
Jaxon had already been notified and was on his way, even though he'd only gone home a mere two days ago.
In the car Codie had said Noah, Keegan and Hayley were on their way as well.
It didn't really surprise me, considering it was Bailey's life that was hanging in the balance.
"Can I help you?"
A rather young looking Woman sitting behind the desk asked, looking up from a large flat screen computer.
All eyes seemed to turn onto Me.
Why the hell they wanted me to be the one to speak was beyond me.
Then again, Bailey is my Daughter.
My feet felt like dead weights as I dragged them along the floor, forcing myself up to the reception desk.
I tried to speak, but my voice would barely work.
I cleared my throat and grabbed onto the edge of the desk, struggling to breathe deeply.
"Bailey Harley!"
I croaked, my throat positively burning.
"We're here for Bailey Harley."
Pressing her lips together, the young woman turned to the computer screen.
The seconds it took for her to click on a mouse and scan the screen felt gut wrenchingly painful and long.
"She's been admitted, but there's nothing more I can tell you."
The young Woman told me, turning back to face me.
Nothing she can tell me?!
"But she's my Daughter! Please!"
I begged, a million stinging tears rapidly filling my eyes once again.
"I'm sorry!"
The woman looked apologetic, pursing her lips together.
I wheeled around from the desk at the sound of Blayze's shout.
The familiar Doctor was rushing through the waiting room, headed for a pair of dark blue double doors.
He did a double take upon hearing his name and his green eyes widened when he took in our group.
"We'll let you know what's going on as soon as we can!"
Doctor Legend shouted and took off running for the double doors.
I'd like to think he knew Bailey was in there and needed help, but it was probably more likely that he'd been called up to help with the new arrivals and currently had next to no idea what he was walking into.
"I can't do this!"
Blayze's face was uncharacteristically pale as he turned his back on the doors that slammed closed behind the good Doctor we'd all come to trust and respect.
It was difficult to think of anything beyond my terror for my Darling eldest Daughter's well-being, but watching Blayze had my heart cracking.
His face was pale and drawn in.
His blue-green eyes glistened with a shining of tears and his hands trembled as he lifted them into his hair.
"We don't know anything yet!"
Lukas insisted, clamping a hand down on Blayze's shoulder.
My younger Brother, but who had somewhere along the line grown up and began to act as if he was my older Brother.
He was quite clearly trying extremely hard to keep strong, because it was becoming rapidly obvious the rest of us were falling apart.
But I could see the worry in his green eyes and their anxious flickering towards the dark blue doors.
"That's exactly the fucking problem!"
Blayze exploded, spinning around to push at Lukas' chest.
My Brother stumbled back a step, but regained his balance.
Blayze glared at him, his hands clenched into tight fists at his sides.
"Stop it!"
I snapped my gaze over to Heath.
The poor young guy was trying hard to cope among the stress and agony, but I'd seen tears rolling down his face on the way in.
His blue eyes once again shined with tears.
"Beating each other up isn't gonna help anything!"
Heath exclaimed, his voice cracking.
I walked over to his side and threw an arm around his shoulders, pulling him into my side even though he was actually a few inches taller than me.
"They can handle each other."
I promised him.
"Even if they throw a few punches."
"What the hell's goin' on here?"
All heads snapped towards the doors on the opposite side of the room at the sound of a familiar voice.
Jaxon Rowan might not hold any answers in regards to Bailey, but it was sure as heck still a giant relief to see his face again.
To know he'd be here for Blayze.
He was going to need him.
Blayze turned away from Lukas and stormed for the doors Jaxon had just come through.
Lukas and I exchanged concerned glances.
We knew that somebody was going to have to go after him.
But I needed to find out about Bailey!
"I'll go."
Codie muttered and headed after him.
The poor guy was still dressed in the yellow coveralls that the CFS wear.
Jaxon stopped him half way across the room though, placing a hand on his shoulder.
I couldn't hear what words were exchanged between the two, but Codie nodded and Jaxon turned around and headed back out of the waiting room, following the direction Blayze had gone in.
It took me a moment to realise the trickling feeling on my cheeks was actually fresh tears rolling.
Sniffling, I lifted my right hand to wipe my cheeks.

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