Chapter Two

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"What's up with you?"
I pulled my eyes off the flat screen TV to look at Blayze's face.
Luka was in bed, sound asleep; which meant it was currently 'adult time' in our House.
Not that we really do too much that's adult like anymore, with my being over seven months pregnant with the twins!
"Whaddya mean?"
I queried, a little confused by his question.
Criminal Minds was currently on the TV, but the show was all but forgotten as I focused on Blayze.
"You look... away with the Pixies."
He explained, slipping his non TV remote holding hand into my non cup of tea holding one.
Away with the Pixies?
My focus hasn't even been on the TV show.
Because I couldn't get my mind off the appointment I have tomorrow with the Skin Specialist.
Biting into my lower lip, I worked my jaw, thinking.
How best to broach this subject with Blayze?
I can't tell him that Doctor Legend referred me on to a Skin Specialist, because he saw a spot on my shoulder and was concerned about it.
Of course I'd tell him in due time, especially if the outcome was anything to worry about, but he's already had his Sister die from Cancer, so I hardly wanted to worry him prematurely, in case it turned out to be nothing.
So far it was just a skin spot anyway, nothing more and nothing less.
Doctor Legend was just doing his job by being cautious.
Besides, on the Farm we currently have enough to worry about, with Stock Numbers, how many mouths there are to feed, both human and animal and the daunting fact that we haven't had even a drop of rain in months.
"Hey umm... what are your plans tomorrow?"
I queried, giving Blayze's hand a squeeze.
"Work, work and more work?"
He returned, raising his eyebrows questioningly.
That put him out of Babysitting then...
Though I should've expected Blayze would be working.
Grandpa would let him have time off when a) The twins' due date drew nearer or b) The twins were born.
It was kind of out of the question to bring Luka in tomorrow, considering I was seeing a new Doctor and I had no clue how long the appointment would take or what could be involved.
"I'll ask Mum if she can watch Luka for a bit then."
I mused, sliding my hand out of his and inching my way to the edge of the cushions so I could set my half full mug down and grab my phone instead.
"Luka? Why? What's goin' on?"
Blayze questioned, a slight frown marring his brow.
I wasn't meant to make him think there was an issue!
Think fast Bailey!
"I... just have to go into town for a bit."
I hedged, shooting him a quick glance over my shoulder.
"And Luka can't go too?"
Thankfully I had a legitimate excuse for that part.
"You know he's a bit much for me to manage in and out the car and everything at the moment, on my own."
I reminded him.
He was always the one taking over with Luka these days, or making sure I had somebody else on standby to help.
Hopefully once the twins were out that would change...
In the last couple of months I'd needed backup just to take my own Son anywhere!
I hated it.
In my book, it wasn't what being his Mother was about.
But, I was also the twins' Mother and that meant I was also in charge of their well-being too.
I was caught between a rock and a hard place as usual.
"Fair enough. I can try juggle a few things, but I am meant to take a load of hay out to the Crawford's."
Blayze explained.
The Crawford's... meaning where Emma Lyons is 'working'.
Any fucking excuse so she can use to get near Blayze...
I thought bitterly.
I'd learned not long after the not so delightful meeting with Emma at our Engagement party, that although the woman looks quite young, she's actually only a couple of years younger than Blayze.
They know each other from his life in Tahlee.
I clenched my jaw in an effort to not make a snippy remark that would only wind up angering the both of us.
We didn't need to be fighting, our world is going to get a whole lot more hectic as it is, very shortly.
I grabbed my phone off the coffee table and scrolled through my contacts until I landed on Mum's number.
I tapped on it and put the mobile against my ear as the call connected.
She's forever begging to babysit, so I was fairly certain I had Luka sorted for tomorrow.

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