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It's been three days since my date with Garland Rose at the park. Three days of none stop thinking about her. Three days of wishing I could kiss her beautiful plumb lips one more time. Three days of wishing she would call me and tell me she misses me as much as I miss her. Three days of wishing I could have her sleeping body pressed up against mine in the early morning darkness. Three long days of wishing I could hear her Spanish voice and her new words she finds.

She's a drug I'm not giving up. She runs through my veins like a toxic waste and I'm hooked. I crave to be near her and when I'm not, I feel as if I could go crazy. She's my own personal drug I would never let anyone else have. She makes me fuzzy and happy at the same time and I can't control how she's making me feel. She drives me crazy but I can't and won't let her leave me. I've only known her for such a short time, and I'm afraid to move to fast but I just can't help the way she is making me feel.

There's so many things I already love about Garland Rose. I love the way her chestnut brown hair flows over her shoulders and lands right on her prominent collar bones. I love the way she can throw it into a messy ponytail and it looks absolutely perfect on her. I love the small pieces of her hair that frame her slightly round face and how she always seems to get hair stuck in her mouth. I love the way she scrunches up her shoulders when you play with the little hairs at the bottom of her neck and the one blonde streak in her bangs.

I love her green eyes that match so well with her olive skin and how they shine so bright in the summer sun. I love the little speck of yellow she has just above her pupil on her left eye and the tiny blue speck she has on her right eye. I love how big her eyes get when she's surprised and the way she crinkles them when she smiles so big. I love the way her eyelashes fluttered when she listens to someone speak and the way her eyes sparkle when she talks about something she loves.

I love her Spanish accent she has and is oblivious to it. It's so unique and cute. I love the way she prounces her 'R's' and how the physically roll off her tongue. I love the way she speaks to herself in Spanish and how she sings Spanish songs so easily. I love the way she's not afraid to cuss someone out in Spanish, because they most likely wouldn't know what she's saying.

Since I met her I haven't been able to get her out of my head. I can't get the beautiful smile or her terrible dancing out my my mind. Ever since the first night I met her, I've wanted to kiss her, and at the park I finally did it; and I would never change it for anything. I was nervous and afraid. I was afraid she wouldn't like a fuck up like me, but it turns out, I was wrong. There could be a chance for us, because now that I met her, there's no way I'm not going to fall for her.

"Calum! Sweetie, a girls on the phone for you." I heard my grandmother say snapping me out of my thoughts. My eyes widen as I sprint down the stairs praying that it will be Garland Rose on the phone. I reach the bright sunlight filled living room where my grandmother is sitting reading her prayer book and snatch the small black phone from the table and press it to my ear.

"Hello?" I ask walking into the clean kitchen and grabbing an shiny red apple. I jump up on the counter taking a big bite of my apple.

"Calum? It's Garland." Her voice speaks through the phone making me smile instantly. Her voice is intoxicating and I could get lost in it.

"Well hello Garland Rose." I said picturing her smiling on the other side of the phone at my nickname I gave her.

"Hi Calum." I heard her say giggling. "Anyway, my mom wanted me to call and um invite you and your um grandmother to come have dinner with us. Um if you know you can't make it or-"

"We can come. We'll be there." I cut her off. She sounded nervous, but she also just sounded like her awkward self so it was still hard to tell exactly. My hand shook excitedly, Garland Rose was the only friend I've made here, and I was getting lonely not having anyone to talk to. She was a great person to talk to, I was never bored when I had a conversation with her because she always picked intresting conversations.

"Okay sweet um well I guess you can come over around um let's say sixish? Sound good?" her voice echoed through my phone.

"Sounds wonderful Garland Rose, I can't wait to see you." I say looking down at the half eaten apple in my hand, blushing.

"Can't wait to see you either Calum. I should probably go, I need to help my mom with dinner. See you around six Calum!" She sounded as excited as I was feeling.

"See you at six Garland Rose." I said hanging up the phone and setting it on the counter. "Gram! We are going over to the Thompson's tonight at six!"

I rushed upstairs throwing my door open. Shoes and clothes were piled on the floor scattered. My eyes flicked around trying to find a clean and decent shirt to wear. even though I've met her mother before I want to impress her and anyone that lives with her because I really like her. I want to make the best first impressions that anyone could make.

I scrounged around and found a decent band tee and struggled to slip on the tight black jeans. Combing through my hair and slipping on my vans, i checked myself in the mirror one more time before heading downstairs.

"You really like this girl don't you Calum?" My grandma asked pulling out of the drive way in her slightly dirty old fashion bug.

"I really do grandma, I really do." I said watching the trees and buildings fly by outside the window.



So this chapter will be split into two chapters because it's gonna be really long, I think I'm going to but the next part in Garland's point of view! btw Garland's family is from spain if you couldn't figure that out.

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