Part 4

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After a long day at the village, we all came back to the house. It was becoming late but the evening wasn't  over yet. We all sat in the common room. Then Elder McKinley stepped in front of us a huge grin on his adorable face.

"Okay, elders settle down! Today is an activity night!"

Some of the elders cheered. And Elder McKinley calmed them down.

"The elder responsible for today's activity i~s Elder Cunningham! "

Now the elders booed. Oh man. Arnold always does activities related to his nerdy things.

"Now now elders, let Elder Cunningham introduce tonight's activity. "

"Oh, no need for formality Elder! Just call me Arnold! "

McKinley blushed and apologized.

"Okay, you guys I listened to your suggestions and realized you guys are not the biggest fans of my activities. So~ I changed it up! "

The elders cheered again.

"A dance party!" ((Songs at the end btw))

The reactions were mixed. Some quickly got up and started asking Arnold which songs are going to be played. I looked toward Elder McKinley and saw that his eyes were twinkling and his feet were eager to start dancing already. Arnold ran to our room to get his mixtape. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder.  Elder McKinley! His face still glittering.

"Elder Price are you feeling any better now?"

Gosh, he is a cutie.

"Yeahh I'm feeling a whole lot better. "

I smiled as his smile widen.

"Thanks to you, Elder McKinley ."

Ah, my heart is beating so fast now, why did I say that? I looked at him. AH! His face was red as a tomato! He stepped away from me almost stumbling and falling.

"Woah- umm- ah- uh- i-its r-really noth-nothing! I- I it is my pleasure to he-help."

He was still red and without balance. Which made me laugh a little. That probably infected him because a second later both of us were laughing quietly.  Then "Take On Me " started playing. All the elder spread in the room and started dancing to the tunes. Elder McKinley joined the fun. But I decided to lean on the wall looking at the dancing fools.

"Take on me~ take me on~"

Elder McKinley was dancing. Oh boy, he was dancing. You could see every single tiny curve of him moving with the beat.

"Come on McKinley! We all know you can do better than that. "

Arnold says. But he was already moving so much, what else would make this better? Then his hands were toward the sky and he was moving more. All around the room. Giggling and sweating. Then his eyes met mine... a spark. I could feel butterflies. My face was warm.

He started to dance toward me. A grin on his face. He slowly made his way to me. His hips moving to the music. Then the song changed. "Heat Of The Moment ". He started to jump, still moving toward me. His hands gesturing to me to join him.  I scoffed at him. As he got closer I could see he was singing along.

"Cause it's  the heat of the moment!  Telling me what your heart meant!  Heat of the moment shown in your eyes~"

He jumped in front of me and grabbed my hands. My face redder.

"I- I cant dance!"

He smiled. Still pulling me away from the wall.

"That's not what I remember~"

It was probably even redder now. But I still laughed. I looked around all the other elders were dancing, alone or together, and didn't even look at us. It felt so free. Arnold was probably very happy. The song changed again. "Everybody Wants To Rule The World ".  McKinley leads the dance moving my arms with his. This was so beautiful. I was so happy.

Then it ended. A loud sound.  The electricity cut out. Elder McKinley hugged me with fear. It started storming, it was raining so much outside.  Sigh. I pushed McKinley away from the hug. I fear that this storm was brought here because of my sins. The Lord God sees it all. But another thunder was heard and elder McKinley hugged me tighter.

"I gotta leave! "

Arnold said loudly. McKinley quickly stepped away from the hug,  but his hand was still around my waist. It made me get hot.

"You are not leaving the base after curfew! Especially not in this weather! "

He yelled at Arnold.

"Nabachugi is out there and I just want to check up on her and maybe help the village out!"

Arnold looked helpless. He used his puppy dog eyes. McKinley thought for a quick second. His hand still on my waist by the way.

"Ah well, you would have to take at least one elder with you. And I kind of doubt that Elder Price would go out in this weather. "


He looked at me his eyes half closed. He was not impressed.

"Uhh... you're right."

Everyone looked around the room. Suddenly  Elder Thomas raised his hand.

"I'll go."

Quickly later Elder Church raised his hand as well.

"Me too. "

"Awee you guys~"

Elder McKinley looked shocked, I couldn't tell but I think he was a little red.

"O-okay fine just wear boots and something warm. Also, don't forget umbrellas. "

Another thunder, he made  McKinley jumpy. Soon the elders were out the door. But elder McKinley was still holding on to me.


He looked at me.

"Is everything okay? You look kind of upset."


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