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Note: A Gender-Neutral imagine

"Shit, shit, shit..." you said as you pace back and forth at your office.

"Chill, everything will be fine" your best friend/co-owner said

"How am I suppose to chill if that Jenner is stealing our profit" you said pissed

"I understand but if you keep acting like this, nothing's gonna change" she reasoned

"Okay, fine" you said stopping at your footing and inhaling and exhaling before you try to smile

"There! See, show that killer smile of yours" she said

"Yah sure, I wish this killer smile you say can help us literally kill that Jenner" you said as you sat on your chair

She give you a 'wtf look' and you just said "I'm kidding"

Time passed by us sitting there thinking of what to do, "I have an idea!"

She shouted "what??"

I replied "You know the line, keep your friends close but your enemies closer or something around that line"

"yeah, why?" your best friend asked

"Oh, you know why?!" you said

From this day on you planned on to how you'll get her "closer."

Few weeks after...

Kendall's POV

"YOU ARE FIRED!" I shouted to my assistant and she just scurried away.

I know people here in the company hates me because of my attitude but who fucking cares, I pay them enough to work their ass off here.

I called the Human resources to tell them to get me a new assistant, ASAP.

Few days later they notified me that there will be three applicants that I'll be interviewing. So, I checked their files and look at their background and saw one that caught my eye not because of her background, I mean her background is amazing and all but her looks is definitely a bonus. I checked her name then, Y/AN (Your another name lol)

"Hmm... Y/AN" I immediately called the HR department and told them to hire this person and forget about the interview and she'll start tomorrow morning.


My best friend entered my office in a rush while she was holding a phone.

I just raised my eyebrow at her, while waiting for her to talk. "Y-you..." she trailed off as she tried to catch her breath "Am what?" "Yougotacceptedasherassistant" she said in one breath.

"Whaaaaaaat?" I asked in shocked, she just looked at me and waited for my reaction "No, I was just kidding. I didn't understand anything from that" I saw her face change immediately from her breathless self to her wanting to kill me.

"You little b-" I raised my hand, "I'm still your boss" I said smirking at her knowing that she won't dare "Ugh, you lucky son of-" "Hey, stop cursing already. Just let me know what happened."

She then fixed her self before continuing, "Yeah, anyway remember your plan? Getting her close?"

"What about that?"

"Well, looks like it's happening"

"...Why?" I replied cautiously

"Because you got accepted to be her assistant!" She said excitedly

"Wait, wait, wait! Not planning to burst your bubble but, How did this happen?" I stand while I squeeze the bridge of my nose

"I applied you, at the same time you don't show your face much in public so she won't know a thing. Only few people know your face. We can maybe, change your style too" she smiled as if it's alright

"What the actual fuck? Are plan is you applying for her not me."


"What do you mean 'oh'?" I said as my mind raced "Okay you know what, fine. I'll do it. For the sake of taking the Jenners fall down"

"Oh it will be easy for you, to make her fall down her knees" she said smirking while wiggling her eyebrows towards me but I gave her a death glare.

I mean she's beautiful and al- Oh, what the fuck I'm saying. She's your enemy Y/N, for goodness sake. This will be one hell of a ride.


This was written last year, just finished it today. Hah. New update. Again. I'm just really escaping my responsibility in the real world that's why I'm updating back to back right now.

Thank you for reading and supporting even though I'm a lazy ass bitch. So, don't forget, even this is the millionth time you read this line. Show some love by voting. <3

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