12 hours

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every day i wait exactly 12 hours to see him.
i leave him at 7am
i come back to him at 7pm
he's always waiting for me to return. he once told me he never leaves the spot. he just waits for me.
i like the feeling of being wanted
once we reunite with a hug and usually a peck on the cheek, sometimes on the lips, we walk through my mind.
whatever scenario i want we go. it's my mind so i can create whatever i want in my dreams.
my favorite spot is a cafe.
every time the same people appear with the same cafe. it's so peaceful. no one minds us there, were equals
we sip our drinks (jack changes his every day, I always get hot chocolate) and talk about our days. i always want jack to talk about his, but he never does.
he told me once he hates being trapped.

jack understands he's in a dream. he understands my world and his are apart.
he said he knows he's a figment of my imagination.
he started crying.
i cried too.

jack always wanted to hear about family and school, no matter how bad it was.
after we finish, we let the cafe disappear and i make something new for jack.
he asks every day to see a different scene.
we walk and jack stops and examines every inch of where we are.
he's truly adorable.
we never reach the end of where we were.
it only ends when i wake up.
that's the worst part of my day by far.
i used to not know when it would happen. one minute i was dancing with jack and the next i was in bed, alarm buzzing.
i've memorized when i wake up now.
it took a while, but i got there
whenever it's near that time, jack and i say our goodbyes.
i always cry.
jack comforts me and tells me he'll see me soon, and to stay strong and how one day he'll leave my dreams and beat up my bullies.
he always goes into detail on how he would do it, a different technique every day.
it makes me laugh.
jack is so harmless, he wouldn't hurt a fly. that makes me laugh harder.
i love how he looks out for me.
our goodbye is always the same
"i love you. i'll miss you, finnie"
"i'll miss you too, jacky poo"
he always chuckles at that part
"if those bullies come along tell them jack dylan grazer is after them"
that's my cue to chuckle
"don't worry, jacky-poo, i won't"
it stuns me how we say the same thing every day.
i wonder what it means..
we kiss goodbye.
then my 12 hours is up

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