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   I woke up with tears on my face as usual I had a nightmare,since today is the reaping day.My black hair as black as ashes was messy as always.Beatrice my sister sitting on the edge of her bed looks worried it's her first year."Bea,you know they won't pick you"I said,her ocean blue eyes look at mine and said,"I know Clove,it's just I'm also worried about you and Josh".

   Josh is my big brother he is 18 this year which means that it's his last reaping.But he has signed up for tesserae too much.I once asked how many times he has signed up and he said "more than you two sum"I am very afraid for him.I take a quick shower ponytail my hair and wear a pink floral dress with a pink flats.

   I jog to the arena.The arena is the place where people gather for the reaping it is also used for training careers.I was also trained even Josh and Bea but Bea doesn't have to train much since she was only twelve.

   I am 16 years young and is grouped with the other 16 years old kids.My best-friend Revanne was standing there with her pale blue t-shirt,green satin pants and leather boots.Her blonde hair was tied into a bundle.She wears a light make-up and was walking to me.

   "Good luck Clovely,"she likes to call me that.Clovely means lovely Clove.I smiled at her and said "you too Anne"I winked at her.Our host Yeena walked to the podium,her green curly hair looks so unnatural and a golden touch in her skin looks also unnatural.Everything about her is rather unnatural or fake,nobody disagrees with me about Yeena.Her squeaky voice started to fill the arena,the gold lipstick makes her faker than a barbie doll.

    "Welcome to the 74th annual hunger games".She then continued"As you know I will pick a boy and a girl to be a tribute,then they will be forced to kill each other in an arena.Seems tempting?"she asked.The district 2 people stay silent,nothing is tempting then being locked in the arena and forced to kill people.That is harsh."Ladies first,"her 12 cm heels make sounds when she walk into a bowl full of the girl's name.

    She said the name in the paper "Revanne Juliean".My heart stops one day when I was training and accidentally hit the blade of the knifes and it makes me bleed and I just think I would die.This was more like it.I saw Anne she walked awkwardly with her heels,her blonde hair looks gold in the morning sun,after 5 seconds she reached the stair of the stage.Out of nowhere I speak "I VOLUNTEER!",everyone gasps even though voluteering isn't rare in district 2 but still though the audience squealed.

    I walk myself into center stage and give Ann one last hug while stroking her back.She says in tears "thank you Clove"I smiled and walk beside Yeena."Oh so courageous young woman,what's your name?"I speak into the microphone."Clove Sevina"Yeena smiled and walk to the bowl of the boy's name she pick a paper and read the one in there."Cato Larek".Oh no,I need to kill my crush in the games.

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