Chapter 6

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It didn't take Cade as long to get to the Second Chance as he thought it would. Levi and Cole had wanted to come with him, but he really felt like it would be better if he went alone. He would be able to see her true feelings about someone like him working for her. He knew Levi was the one pushing the issue, and that she would give into her brother's wishes. If that were the case, then she would make his life hell, and Cade wasn't about to get caught in the middle of siblings. Plus, there were a few ground rules that he needed to lay down.

The small house came into view just as two men walked out onto the porch. One was older, the other was a boy, no wait, the other one was a woman wearing buckskins! They seemed to be finished with their conversation as the older man mounted his horse and turned to leave. A few minutes later the two men passed each other, stopping briefly to nod and size the other one up.

Cade walked his horse right up to the front porch where the woman still stood. He pushed the brim of his black Stetson up so he could look her in the eyes. They were a beautiful slate blue, framed by thick dark lashes. Long silky chestnut tresses hung in soft waves down her back, stopping a few inches from her waist. Slowly his gaze drank in every detail from her firm breasts covered by a cream shirt and brown leather vest to the flair of her hips and shapely legs before stopping at her boots. Cade felt a moment of apprehension as he fought the need to fidget. Fidget! What the hell? He NEVER fidgeted, EVER! He was Cade Jacobs, a cold hearted bastard, one of the fastest draws in the west. His nostrils flared slightly, as he took a deep breath, this was only a woman, and they were only good for a couple of things.

Faith stared at the man equally assessing his attributes. Dark brown hair hung almost to his shoulders framing his face and giving him a dangerous air. Pale green eyes watched her every reaction as she continued her assessment. The bridge of his nose had a slight bump, indicating that it had probably been broken at some point in time. Faith's eyes continued down to his full lips to a strong jaw and chin that were covered by a dark two day old stubble. He had broad shoulders and from what she could see, muscular thighs encased form fitting in dark denims.

The stranger cleared his throat, drawing her attention back up to his face and those piercing pale green eyes that missed nothing. Realizing she'd been caught staring, a flush crept up her face. "Can I help you with something?" Faith asked in the most authoritative voice she had.

It was on the tip of his tongue to say something smart but he thought better of it at the last moment. This was after all, a friend of Cole's. He would never have been called otherwise. "Yes, are you Faith Matthews?" Cade noticed her flush at being caught staring. Women always looked at him that way. They always wanted to know if he was as cold in bed as he was outside the bedroom. Only a few had ever been able to keep up with him, Belle was one of them. For some reason the colder and more disinterested he was to women, the harder they tried to get his attention and for lack of a better word, break him.

The deep timber of his voice stirred something primitive inside her, setting her on edge. "I am, and who would you be?" It was all Faith could do to keep her voice steady as she answered.

Cade sat up a little straighter in his saddle. "I'm Cade Jacobs, I'm a friend of Cole Weston. He said you were looking for a foreman."

"I, yes I am."

"Well, unless you have someone else in mind, I'd like the job." Cade said matter of factly.

Faith stood there for a moment watching the stranger. There was just something about him that she didn't really care for, but she desperately needed her own foreman. "Do you have any experience?"

"Yes ma'am I do, I'm also pretty good with a gun in case there's any trouble. Some men get a little nervous when a single woman becomes their competition. I'm sure you know what I mean." He said nodding his head slightly in the direction that Hurst had gone.

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