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“Walkers! Look out!”

My eyes widened in disbelief as I took in the scene before me. A swarm of walkers had invaded us! “Shit!” I shouted pulling out my gun and taking off after Carol. As I began shooting, I shouted for my little brother. I could see him with Hershel and Beth, protecting them as best he could, before they entered a caged area. At least he was safe for now.

“The gate is open!” T-Dog shouted from his spot next to me.

“Come on, we gotta close it!” I replied and I took off running towards the gate, T-Dog right beside me and Carol slightly behind us.

“I got this, open the door over there and make a path for me to get to y’all,” T said as he pulled his belt off to secure the gate.

I nodded and motioned Carol over to the red door. And that’s when I hear the scream. I pivoted and saw a walker taking a chunk out of T-Dog’s shoulder. “No! T-Dog!” I could hear Carol crying no at the sight as I lifted my gun and shot the fucker in the head. “T! Come on!” I cried.

“Hurry!” Carol shouted as she opened the door.

I quickly shut the door and locked it once we were all in. “Anyone know where this place leads?” I questioned turning to look at the two.

“I don-”

Carol was cut off by a sudden alarm blaring. We all covered out ears looking for speakers. “What the fuck is that!?” I shouted to no one in particular.

“Come on, there’s a set of double doors that will lead to a corridor that’ll get you back to our cell block.” T began rushing down the corridor.

“You should stop! Stop!” Carol shouted at the man.

He leaned against the wall holding his arm in pain and grunted, “Why? So I can sit here and wait to die?”

“No, I’ll do what I need to. You won’t become one of them.” Carol said as we continued to follow T’s limping form.

“I can’t ask that,” T-Dog cried.

“It’s the pack, remember?”

“This is God’s plan. He’ll take care of me, always has. He’s gonna help me lead you outta these tombs.” T panted.

“I don’t like this plan, T. You not supposed to die!” I argued. I loved T-Dog and considered him a great friend.

“This is how God planned it, Chelsea. I’m gonna get you two out of here. Get you safe. Daryl’ll kill me if I don’t.” T said turning back to look at me.

I walked up next to him and smiled sadly and nodded. “At least let us help you,” I said and let him wrap his good arm around my shoulders.

We started walking again looking for a way out when all of a sudden walkers turned the corner.

“Carol!” I whispered and handed her my gun since I was supporting T.

She grabbed it and stepped in front of us and pulled the trigger, but nothing happened. It just kept clicking! She quickly discarded hers and used mine, but the same thing happened. We were out of bullets!

“Oh fuck, we’re screwed,” I cried.

“Go back!” Carol shouted and we both turned to run, but T didn’t.

“T! Come on!” Carol and I tried to pull him with us, but he was too strong for us. He pulled out of our grip and ran straight for the oncoming walkers. “NO!” I cried, knowing exactly what he was trying to do.

He pushed the two walkers up against the wall and held them there opening a path for us to escape. “GO! GO!” He shouted at us.

Carol and I hesitantly made our way around the corner, but I couldn’t leave T-Dog like that, not after everything he’s done.

“Chelsea!” Carol called from the door.

“We can’t jus-”

“Go! I’m dead! Just get out of here!” T screamed as the two walkers began ripping chunks out of his arm and neck.

“T-Dog!” I cried as I watched the horrific scene before me.

“Go!” T shouted through the attack once more before Carol grabbed my arm and dragged me out the door into the unknown.

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