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We continued down the corridor, Daryl and I taking up the rear, Rick slightly in front of us. I could Tomas walking ahead, the blood covering his body catching the light every few seconds reminding me what he had just done to that poor man. I could hear Daryl whispering to Rick to give him the signal to kill Tomas if needed. Rick didn’t reply to him as T-Dog kicked in a door to what looked like a laundry room. There were washing machines, driers, racks of clothes and sheets all around. We all crept around to the back where we could hear walkers snarling behind green double doors. I watched as Rick threw the keys at Tomas’ feet indicating for him to open the doors.

“I ain’t opening that,” He argued.

“You are if you want that cell block, you’re gonna open that door. Just the one, not both of them. Because we need to control this.” Rick replied.

Tomas glanced around before he took the keys and started unlocking the doors. I gripped my knife tighter, waiting for creatures behind the doors to be set free.

“You bitches ready?” Tomas asked as he threw open, not one, but both doors.

‘The hell!?’ I shouted in my head as a swarm of the dead made their way into the room. ‘Did he not just hear a word Rick said!?’

“I said one door!” Rick shouted as he backed away from the door.

“Shit happens,” Tomas shouted back, taking a swing at a walker.

We all began fighting back the walkers. I quickly stabbed a walker as I caught a glimpse of Tomas’ blade almost hitting Rick in the face. I quickly kicked the rotted body off my knife and made to straighten up when a walker was thrown in my direction by Tomas. The decayed body collided with my open, sending us both to the ground. A gasp of air was forced from my lungs as my back made contact with the floor, the walker’s weight on top of me not helping. I struggled to find air and to push the walker off, but not for long. The walker’s body went limp and was thrown off me. Standing above me was Daryl. He reached down and grabbed my hand pulling me up.

“You ok? Did it get ya?” He asked checking me over for any scratches or bites.

“I’m fine,” I answered brushing the hair from my eyes and looking over at all the dead walkers now.

Daryl turned around, pointing his crossbow at Tomas. “The fuck was that?” He demanded stalking closer to the Latino. Rick stepped in between the two, staring Tomas down.

“It was coming at me, bro.”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it. I get it. Shit happens.” Rick and Tomas continued to stare at each other until Rick swung his machete into his skull, instantly killing him.

“No!” Andrew shouted running to attack Rick with his baseball bat. Rick pushed him back and away from him. He quickly got up off the ground and made a break for it.

“I got him,” Rick said as he took chase after the small black man.

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