Chapter 006: RUN.

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          Will went over and grabbed Brynn's hand, and she was once again in Will's house. Will's mom, Joyce, was standing, smoking a cigarette, there were probably a couple thousand Christmas lights hanging all over the house.

"Whoa..." Brynn thought to herself. She walked along a wire of lights and tapped them, Making them blink, causing the dog to bark. She did it over and over until Joyce followed them. Joyce moved an old shelf, grabbed a wad of Christmas lights, and sat in a small cabinet that had been behind the shelf.

"Will? Are you here?" She asked. Brynn touched a light, causing the rest of them to glow.

"Blink once for yes, twice for no, can you do that for me Sweetie?" Joyce asked. Brynn touched it once, and made it glow.

"Baby I need to know, are you alive?" She asked, and Brynn pushed it once, which meant yes.

"Are you safe?" Brynn frowned at the question, and touched the lights twice, meaning no.

"I need to know where to find you, Honey, where are you? Can you tell me where you are? Can you? Please baby I need to find you, tell me what to do, please." Joyce begged, But Brynn didn't know how to answer, so she tapped out.

"I talked to her." She said to Will.

"You did?"

"Yeah, through the lights, but I could only answer yes or no questions." Brynn said. "There's not much you can say when your flashing lights."

"Maybe we can fix that." Will said. "Tap back in and tell me what shes doing." And with that, they grabbed hands once more and Brynn tapped back in. She saw Will's mom painting letters on the wall under lightbulbs. Brynn tapped out and turned to Will.

"She's putting letters under lights so we can talk."

"Okay." Will said, grabbing her hand and she went back. Joyce had the letters, A through Z painted on the wall.

"Okay, okay Baby talk to me, tell me where you are." Joyce said. Brynn started tapping lights. She tapped the lights to form the words, 'Right Here.'

"Right here... Right here I don't know what that means... tell me what to d0, what should I do? How do I get to you?" Brynn heard a thump and lit up the lights, spelling the word 'Run', then started making all of the lights flicker. She tapped back into the world with Will to see that he had carried her into a closet. Brynn opened the closet door and looked out, and saw the monster, with half of its body through the wall.

'NO!" Brynn yelled as the slung the monster up against the opposite wall, then out the front window, Then ran back to Will.

"Will tap me in, I need to make sure your moms okay." She said. Will grabbed her hand and they were in his house, but it was empty and the front door was open. Brynn tapped out and looked at Will.

"She ran." Brynn said. "Like I told her too."

"Is that good?" Will asked.


"Thank you, and your awesome powers."

"You're very welcome." Brynn said smiling. The two kids fell asleep on the couch a few minutes later.

Time skip...

Brynn and Will woke up around the same time, Brynn stretched then saw a radio on the table.

"Was that here last night?" She asked.

"No." Will said. The two kids instinctively grabbed hands, and Brynn was in his house once again, for the millionth time. She heard the song 'Should I Stay or Should I Go' blasting as loud as possible, and Joyce was trying to get them to communicate. All of a sudden Will could hear the music, and Brynn's nose started bleeding. She opened her eyes, but both kids could still hear the music. They followed it to a wall in the living room  and ripped the wallpaper off, revealing a weird, ice like substance. Will started banging on it.

"Mom?" Will asked.

"Will?!" They heard from the other side.

"Mom!?" Will said louder. Then Brynn heard stomping, and Her and Will exchanged scared glances.

"Will!" They heard back, Brynn turned around, watching for the monster.

"Mom!" Soon enough Joyce ripped the wallpaper off and they could see her. "Mom, Mom It's coming!"

"Tell me where you are!" Joyce said.

"Its like home but its dark, its dark and empty and cold!" Will said

"Will we have to go!" Brynn yelled.

"Will... Will who is that? Bring my boy back! You bring him back right now!" Joyce yelled.

"Mom!" Will said.

"Will, I promise I will find you but I need you to run! RUN!" Joyce shouted as the wall closed up. Then Brynn and Will ran off, Will with tears running down his face.

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