Part 9

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Raj : "In fact, Arya is in India now. Aunt, Arya's mom, has been forcing him to come here this time. All our relatives will be gathering here and he can meet everyone if he comes. But I don't know if he will be able to make it."

Nandini : "What do you think was the reason that forced Aarav to take such a drastic step?"

Raj : "I have no idea. Everything was going fine as far as I know."

Nandini : "Do you know anything about his girlfriend?"

Raj : "No..I don't. I never met her. I knew Aarav was in love.He was planning to introduce her to me, but it didn't happen."

Nandini : "Did you find anything suspicious inside or around the building on that day?"

Raj : "No..nothing."

Nandini asks Raj a few more questions and Raj answers her.

Nandini : "Thank you Uncle. Please don't tell anyone about our conversation."

Nandini walks from there murmuring to herself.

Nandini : "There is something fishy. I have to find out more."

Manik who was passing by heard her, but Nandini didn't observe him.

Manik : "What is this girl up to?"

Nandini goes to her room. She was recollecting her conversation with Raj and analyzing the information she had.

Nandini's thoughts : "Aarav died on the same day, but a little later after I died in my past life.They should have found the body outside, but they didn't. So someone has definitely moved it from there. Since Aryaman was responsible for my death and no was around that day, he could be the only one who would have moved the body from there."

Nandini's thoughts : "They didn't find anything suspicious in the room as well. So someone has definitely cleared up the room before rest of the family came back. If Aarav committed suicide after knowing that i died, why would he clear the room before he shot himself. Aryaman could have cleared the room, it would benefit only him.Probably he wanted to hide what he tried to do to me. Aryaman also lied to them that he was out-of-town."

Nandini's thoughts : "I don't know why, but I still can't accept the fact that Aarav committed suicide. Could Aryaman be responsible for Aarav's death, since he seems to be the only person who was there, around that time? Probably not...they were best friends, Aryaman couldn't have harmed Aarav."

Nandu's thoughts : "Could Aryaman know something about it? But don't know how I can meet him. Even if I meet him and he knows something, why will he tell it to me when he hasn't told anyone else about it?"

Nandu couldn't figure out how to proceed further from there. She then decided to go to her house from her past life. She had skipped going there earlier, because she went out with Fab5.

Next day, Nandini informed Cabir and went out alone. She came to a house and was figuring out how she could go inside. She saw a girl and woman come out from the house, and hid herself.

From their conversation, Nandu figured out they were mother and daughter. She recognized the mother as her bhabhi in her previous life and she heard the name of the daughter too. The daughter left from home, and mother went inside.

After sometime, Nandu disguised herself a little and went to the house. She introduced herself as the daughter's friend. Then she asked for water, and her bhabhi took her inside. Nandu continued talking to her bhabhi.

After talking for sometime with her bhabhi, she got the information she was looking for. Her bhabi was talkative by nature, so it wasn't very difficult to extract information from her.

Nandu came to know that they found her body floating in a river. The conclusion was that she might have jumped of a bridge and committed suicide. Nandu figured out that the dead body was thrown into the river and that was the reason the body wasn't found where she died.

Nandu also came to know that her dad and mom from her past life had passed away. Nandu was her dad's beloved daughter. For Nandu's dad, Nandu was his life. He couldn't bear Nandu's loss, he went into severe depression. His health deteriorated and he passed away a few years after Nandu's death. Having lost both her daughter and husband in a span of few years, Nandu's mom was in deep sorrow. She wasn't taking care of her health and she too breathed her last after few more years.

Nandini returned to Manik's grandparents house. The family seemed to be having a great time and no one observed her. She was in no mood to go and join them. She was on the way to her room and she saw a lot of new faces. There was one person among them whom she recognized and a shiver ran down her spine.

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