III : Blue

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I'm not a bad girl' but i,
Do bad things with you.


Your pov :

  Damn all this. Damn my hair, damn this ugly dress, damn this shoes. Most importantly, damn myself, for being stupid in front of the greatest man in New York, I should've known Charlene would be like this.

   He was very formidable, there was something in his eyes that's so cold and powerful. He's very handsome and charming too.

   Forget about it, (Y/n). Don't get lost by his pretty face, he's a billionaire, and i will never meet him ever again.

   "Madam!" A guy yelled, I turned around to find where the voice came from.

   I saw a guy in black suit chasing after me, he was tall and strong, dressed just like one of Parker's men, and probably was. "Yes?"

   "Mr. Parker wanted to see you in his office, right now."

   "....But I don't want to see him." I hesitantly replied.

   "It's Mr. Parker's order." He said. His eyes told me he would kill me if I didn't follow the order. So i went with him back inside the tower i'm glad i left.

   "Um... i actually have nothing to do here..." I told him awkwardly.

   "Well, he definitely has something to do with you." He said.

   "That doesn't sound good."

   He didn't said anything back, as if he doesn't care what his boss wants from me.

   He brought me to that woman, i guess she is Mr.Parker's assistant by the way she's the one in charge.

   She was talking to her coworker about the paperworks in her hands, once she saw me she smiled and handed me a security pass saying 'Visitor'.

I hesitated to take it, so she put it on my shirt without my will. Her smile were still red and glossy.

"You're going to need the first elevator on the left and choose 69th floor."

   I felt like i was forced, I can't leave the place. So I sighed and went along with it. Jesus, how many floors are there? This building really is tall.

   The elevator door wide opened. I walked out to see the reception girl, hair as blonde as pearls.

   "Hello, Miss.(L/n). I've been expecting for you."

   Expecting? They did this like I had an appointment or something, the truth is my fake friend just lured me here and i should be gone by now.

   "Would you sit there and wait? Mr.Parker is in the middle of something."

   I sat just like she said, it felts like forever, I guessed he must be very busy at the time, yet he wanted to meet me.

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