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Your existence was not known to me.

Not until a mutual friend had told me.

She asked if I had any lover

I replied, ‘none, why is it a matter?’

She then told me I am your secret crush.

Knowing that fact made my face flush.

I then asked, ‘who is this guy?’

She said, ‘the one who just passed by!’

Turned and looked but found none.

Suddenly, I felt my heart sank.

Seeing my crush standing a foot away.

Momentarily, I forgot my babbling friend, I felt a bit of shame.

So distracted by his presence

That I keep on forgetting my friend’s existence.

The last thing I heard from her

She was going to meet us up, she even swears.

The next day came; I saw my friend took a seat.

She told me you would like me to meet.

She stood up even before I could speak.

Seconds passed, I saw her and was shock to see.

That my crush has a SECRET CRUSH on me.

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