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Wretched heart that cremates the soul

As the stories are kept untold.

The water that was once blue and cold

Now flow blood from wars that could no longer hold.

Forests that were once nature’s old

Been slashed and burned and now brutally bold.

Drips of refreshing rain, some recalled

Now a putrid odor that savagely poured.

With a belly once filled with edible food

Now filled with poison by the price of one’s good.

Children that was once loved and adored

Now holds more than one gun and a sword.

A mind that was once pure and wisely talked

Blasphemed with words that give full accord.

Countries that were once joined together against fraud

Turned their backs and silently attacked their enemies with bombs.

The world that was once a treasure’s gold

Now lays beneath us, empty and bold.

What was once claimed to be ours, was just borrowed

I now envisioned this horrible dream that I cried in sorrow.

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