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I saw you cry your heart out in the rain

Letting yourself feel all the pain.

I saw you shatter in the midst of vain

Cursing and torturing yourself over and over again.

I saw you were soaked and felt cold

I approached and offered you my coat.

I saw you just refused my accord

Walked away across the road.

I saw you were walking and ready to leave

So discreetly, I followed your lead.

I saw you turn at me and just heave

Stumbling down I try not to retreat.

You told me you don’t love me

I care not, can’t you see?

You told me to set you free

I care to hear not, for all you can’t be.

You asked me, ‘Why ever so not?’

‘I am your friend, helping you out.’

You mocked at my soft shout.

‘A friend of mine, you are surely not!’

Hurt by your words, I felt my heart slowly die

What I am to you is just a lie.

You saw me slouch and cry

Covered my ears as you speak, so hard I try.

Satisfied, you left me out in the rain

Feeling the same, I feel all your pain.

My now shattered heart cried in vain

As I hear your voice echoing, ‘This is KARMA’S GAME’.

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