James Potter x slytherin!reader • Marauders era

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As Y/N was walking along a hall to the slytherin common room 'the marauders' were coming towards her. Y/N started smirking. For you see, Slytherin had just won a recent quidditch match against Gryffindor, which made the slytherins very cocky. Her smirk didn't go unnoticed by the boys. 

"What are you smirking about, L/N?" James asked, stopping in his tracks. 

"Oh, nothing, darling." she said. This ticked the boys off a bit, especially James. 

"Don't call me darling, love." James said back. Y/N smiled sweetly up at him. 

"It's okay if you don't like it. I could call you my honeybear if you'd like that one better?" she asked him. Teasing him was one of her favourite hobbies, had always been. She wasn't quite sure why, though. Something about his face. 

Y/N could see James' face turn a bit pink at her words and she knew that she had won. 

"You are such a pain in the arse, L/N." Sirius backed James up beside him. Y/N turned to Sirius smiling a kind of wicked smile. 

"My, I never expected to hear such a compliment from you! I feel kinda special." she said, putting her hand on her chest, where her heart is. The marauders huffed in unison. Y/N giggled, leaving James to wonder why he felt butterflies rampaging in his stomach at her laugh. 

"Well, I'd love to chat with you guys some more, but I gots to skedaddle," she looked at her wrist to look at the time, though she didn't have a clock on it, "We're celebrating our victory against you guys." 

Y/N turned around before any of the lads could answer and walked away, making sure to sway her hips a bit more than normal. The marauders started walking the opposite direction, huffing. 

"I can't believe her." Remus shook his head. The others hummed in approval. 


"I have no idea how you blew up that potion!" James said to Y/N after their potions class, "It was the easiest potion to make all year."

"Shut it, Potter." Y/N, scrunching her face, arms crossed. James chuckled at her adorable anger. 

"I'm just so amazed at your skill to mess things up." James continued despite Y/N nice request to not. Y/N gave him a dirty look. 

"You're one to talk," Y/N smirked, her mood changing, "Practically every quaffle you threw in the last game missed." 

James huffed and muttered "yeah, right". Y/N decided to go on now that she had the upper hand.

"But there is a brighter side to this, also. At least now you've gotten used to the taste of defeat." she sneered. 

"Why don't you shut your mouth, L/N." James muttered, now standing very close to Y/N. Y/N straightened her back, looking up at James. 

"Make me, Potter." she whispered, standing nose to nose with him. If anyone was to stand beside the two of them, you bet they could feel the electricity between the slytherin and the gryffindor. No denying it. 

Their faces were so close, that their noses were actually touching. James' eyes shifted from Y/N's eyes to her lips, and Y/N noticed this. Slowly, they started to lean in.

"Prongs!" they heard Sirius shout. James and Y/N parted faster than the red sea. Sirius, Remus and Peter walked over to them. When the boys noticed Y/N they made a sour face. 

"Oh, look what the cat dragged in." Sirius spat. Y/N smirked, loving the reaction she has on them. Y/n shook here head. 

"Oh, Black. Always so sweet to women." she said, "No wonder no one stays with you for more than a week." 

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