Chapter I >>>The Oh So Wonderful Tale Of My Unfair Life

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I giggled as I watched Peter from the roof top of one of the market place's many huts. The market was busy with Disniëns milling about usually, so it was easy for me to go on the roof unnoticed.

Peter was conversing with (Stalling) one of the sales-men about having seen a mysterious flying unicorn yesterday who foretold the poor sales-man's death. And the funny thing was, the sales-man believed it.

A poor harmless fluffy pink unicorn a death omen? Yeah right. What was it going to do? Pierce him with its magical horn or cuddle the man to death with its cuteness?? I snorted at the thought.

Beside me Rapunzel started tying her unnaturally long blonde hair on one of the hut's poles, making sure it was tied tight enough so that if someone were to use it to dangle to the ground and steal a few delicious apples, they wouldn't fall. Which was exactly what we were planning to do; Minus the falling part.

"Is it all set?" I asked her, recovering from my fit of giggles.

"Almost." She answered as she began pulling on her hair, testing it if it was safe, "Okay, all set." She stated as I crawled over to the very edge of the hut's roof I was on.

Rapunzel released her long blonde hair to the ground, and I grabbed a handful, ready to tangle down to the crate that contained all the sales-man's sweets.

"Hold on tight." She grunted as I began climbing down, burying my head in her hair and holding onto it tightly so as not to fall.

I finally reached the crate; tying Rapunzel's hair around my feet I began dangling upside down and grabbing all the apples I could find, containing the bursts of laughter I felt hearing Peter's conversation with the sales-man.

Peter sighed faking sadness, "Sadly it is so my humble friend," He sighed dramatically, causing me to roll my eyes in his direction. "The fate of your life hangs in that uh....Betsie! Yes Betsie the Unicorn." He continued, catching sight of my dangling form he smiled crookedly, almost bursting out laughing himself at the sales-man's stupidity--who looked like he was ready to burst into tears.

"Hurry up, or Tink will freak!" Rapunzel whisper yelled at me from the hut's rooftop.

I looked up and just nodded my head, hauling myself up with Rapunzel's help, plopping down on the straw-build rooftop. I released the delicious looking red apples onto the straw, counting four in total.

"You think this will be enough?" I asked her quietly, thinking that maybe four apples was too little for us to share with roughly five people.

"I dunno," Rapunzel answered, "Maybe Anna has more luck."

"I doubt it." I muttered, thinking about my friend Anastasia's lacking skills of thievery.

Rapunzel untied her hair from the pole, hauling the rest up to her chest, "Well let's go find out before sir Peter over there exaggerates a unicorn's deadly fierceness," She laughed a little, looking over at Peter who was sobbing (Probably laughing on the inside) with the sales-man about his early fake death; mumbling something along the lines of "The poor children," and "Yes, yes, the children of the village will miss your cheerful death-threats very much." Which Peter clearly meant in a very sarcastic way. Unfortunately not many Disniëns understand such modern tongue. It disgusts me that they don't understand the wonderful language that is sarcasm.

After putting the apples safely in my bag I climbed of off the roof with Rapunzel, sneaking away from the sales-hut and moving on to the next one.

This sales-man was selling watermelons, brownies and jewelry to boot. Why he decided to mix the three together I don't know, but that also means a new necklace for moi!

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