Part 7

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Manik felt Nandu's request to be strange.

Manik's thoughts : "Why is she interested in seeing that room?"

Inspite of that, he agreed, since he had overheard Nandu and Cabir's conversation the previous day.

That night, Manik and Nandini went inside the room. Manik had managed to get the key for the room. Manik felt the room is very familiar to him and was looking around the room.He felt as though he had lived there, though he didn't remember coming to the room earlier.

Suddenly he realized, Nandini wasn't around.Manik saw the balcony door open and went towards it.

Meanwhile, Nandini had gone to the balcony soon after she entered the room. She was scared of heights, but she tried to overcome her fear. She was determined to figure out what got her there. Some scenes flashed in her mind and she started feeling dizzy. She was standing close to the railings. She tried to hold on to the railings, but couldn't get a grip of it and was about to fall off.

Manik reached there wondering what she is doing in the balcony instead of seeing the room.

Manik : "What are you doing here.........."

He saw Nandini was about to fall off and pulled her towards him immediately. He saved her from falling off the balcony. Nandu leaned onto him and lost consciousness.

He made her lie down on the bed, got some water and sprinkled it on her face.

Manik : "Are you ok?"

Nandini : "Yes..I am. Thanks for saving me!"

Manik didn't ask Nandu anything more seeing her condition. He remembered her conversation with Cabir about her fear of heights. He made sure she reached her room safely. Manik locked his uncle's room and went back to his room.

Nandu had recollected everything about her past life when she was at the balcony. She had fallen off the same balcony and died. That room was Aarav's, her boyfriend from her previous life. They both lived in the same town in their past life, that's why the places seemed familiar to her.

Aarav had proposed her by singing the song which she dreamt of. He had composed it specially for her. Aarav and Manik looked exactly alike, that explained why she thought she saw Manik in her dreams.

Nandini had found the answers for her dream, but that had raised a few more questions in her mind. She wanted to find the answers for them too.

Nandini's thoughts : "Manik told that Aarav committed suicide, but i have a strong feeling that it is not true. Whom can I approach to know more about it?"

Next day, she observed Manik's habits. There were quite a few similarities in Manik and Aarav's habits.

Later during the day, Nandini told Cabir that she is planning to visit a few places there. She asked if Fab5 would like to join her.

Fab5 agree to go with Nandini.They visited a few places and were at the last place for the day.

Nandini : "Manik, have you been to any of the places we visited today earlier?"

Manik : "I don't remember having come here. I haven't come to my grandparents house from a very very long time. There are chances I would have seen them when I was a kid. Itseems, we stayed here when I was little."

Nandu's thoughts : "May be Manik just looks like Aarav and has similar habits because they are related. He doesn't recognize any of these places which we visited together in my past life. If he is reincarnation of Aarav as I thought, he should have recognized this place atleast."

Nandu's thoughts : "But why did I feel there is a connection between us from the first time I met him? Should I tell him everything and see if he can recollect it? But what if he doesn't remember anything? What if he doesn't believe me?"

Nandu's thoughts : "My life has already become so complicated. I found answers for my dreams, but that in turn has raised so many more questions. It is better I don't involve him in this matter for now and make his life complicated too. I will wait for some more time to see if he can recollect anything."

Nandu is lost in her thoughts. She trips and starts rolling down the hill. Manik is scared and gets the feeling that he is going to lose her.

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