9. My Propellor

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Alex's P.O.V

I raised my head as she approached.

It was clear she'd been crying, her mascara was smudged slightly under he bottom set of eyelashes and her skin was red in places. She was still beautiful though. A smile formed in the creases of her cheeks as she greeted me and I grinned like an idiot.

"What are you doing here?" Her soft voice echoed around the solid concrete walls of the apartment block.

"I-I needed to see you" I stuttered, getting to my feet to reach her level. We locked eyes and I knew everything was okay.

We stood in silence for a minute. our faces were centimetres from each other and her warm breathe caressed my freezing cheeks, something i'd been longing to feel once more.

"Well..you should come in?" she said, escaping my gaze I thought I had her captured in and she unlocked the door, inviting me in.

Flo's P.O.V

"Make yourself at home" I murmured. Self conscious of my rather scrubby flat which I'm sure was much below his usual standards.

He sat down on the battered sofa on the far side of the room.

"Want a drink, or some food or..?" My voice trailed off, I wasn't used to entertaining.

"No,I'm fine-thanks" he insisted, so I joined him on the sofa.

"What did you want to talk about?" I queried, nervously shuffling in my seat and as I thought of all the possibilities of this conversation.

"I want to apologies for whatever I've done.." He began, guilt filling my body.

"When you disappeared after the gig a week ago,I was worried that I'd upset you... then when you stopped taking my calls... I-I thought that was it. I thought I'd lost you forever"

I looked at Alex in sorrow through my eyes that were coming more blurry by the second. It was a side of him that I'd never seen before... sadness and concern. nothing at all similar to the cheerful boastfulness that usually radiated off him.

"But, I've seen the tweets being sent to you.. And that's what I want to apologies for. The last thing I wanted in all this was for you to get hurt" his hands slipped into mine and I felt a tear escape the corner of my eye and run down the contours on my cheek.

"I just hope that this can can be fixed and..and we can move on?"


Alex's P.O.V

I don't know how it happened but I ended up in her bed, on top of her... Can't complain.

"Alex" she whispered in my ear as I kissed and sucked on her neck, leaving a trail of red patches from her jaw to her collar bone.

She aggressively ripped off my shirt and threw it on the floor. She traced the creases of my sweating skin and her cold, sensitive touch sent chills down my spine as she ran her fingers over my warm body.

I slipped her trousers off and discarded them in a similar manner to what she had done. I took my time as I placed a line of kisses gently up the inside of her thigh and she ran her fingers through my hair, the way she knew I liked it. I continued the kisses up to her soft lips where she kissed me passionately, but agonisingly slowly. Her tongue teased the lines of my lips, begging for entrance which I allowed, naturally. It danced playfully around my mouth and I gasped for a breath as I tried to collect myself, the heat intensifying between us.

I pushed my body further down onto hers and she bucked her hips into the bulge that was pressed up against the inside of my trousers. She let her fingers wonder from my chest down to the button of my jeans where she frantically tried to pop it open. I let out a moan subconsciously as she found an entrance... I was so pathetically desperate to feel her naked skin on mine...


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