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Hey guys!
I started another undertale book, but it didn't get any attention you don't have to read it but if you do I'll be eternally grateful :3 It's called The War-An Undertale AU Fanfic~
I'm sorry updates are taking so long. I'm depressed, suicidal and lazy which is not the best combination to be if you're an author. And school. *Inhales deeply* CGCUFCTCHFXURXEYXXEYURCTIVGVIGUCRUFCCGIGVIGGCDYDYXXDXXXDUFCUFGIYYOBOHHNPJJP

Anyway, thanks for the comments! They make my day better ×10
Those 3 or 4 ppl who vote and comment on all my chapters
You're mah squad <3
You know who you are

~Nacho Cheese~

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