Alibi - Preface

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Here I am.

Three months since the breakup.

Three months since I was defamed and labelled a gold digging whore by the worldwide media.

Three months since I returned home.

Three months since my life fell apart.

Three months and finally the truth is coming out.

‘Just hit the play button.’

That’s my best friend Vivian behind me. We’re at my apartment in Sydney. A world away from the drama unfolding on twitter, tumblr and facebook.

Sugarscape is the centre of it all.

Directioners most welcome ally in all things One Direction and hilariousness. I woke up this morning to the head line ‘SERIOUS 4 A MINUTE GUYZ. VICTORIA DID NOT CHEAT ON HARRY. WATCH THE EXCLUSIVE!’

I’m Victoria and three months ago I was celebrating my 6 month anniversary with Harry Styles until a youtube post destroyed my little love bubble.

‘I really don’t want to hear it Viv.’

Vivian or Viv to me and those in her near and dear list is my best friend. She’s been with me since we were seven and 12 years later we still have each other’s backs.

‘Victoria, come on. This little bitch destroys your life, has the audacity to call you a gold digging whore and expects to get away with it? Listen to it.’

Vivian pushes my hands away from the laptop and hits play.

The screens black there is some noise in the background, a fumbling, a deep breath and then the camera pans and there she is.

Marnie Hazel.

I lean back in my chair. Having not seen this girls face in three months by choice; the sight of her makes me ill.

‘Um hello, I – my name is Marnie and I’m here to tell you about a few things I need to tell you the truth about. Clear up a horrible thing I did.’

She takes a deep breath and so do I.

I feel Vivian’s hand come around me as she rests her head on my shoulder, always beside me. I pause the video quickly.

‘Can we just watch it once without interrupting?’ I ask her, knowing that either of us will have a hard time controlling ourselves; especially when Marnie says something contrived and self-centred – which she will.

I feel Viv nod her head on my shoulder in silent agreement.

Hitting the play button again I wrap my arms around myself.

‘Uh, so three months ago I uploaded a video onto youtube. You may have seen it. I called it ‘Victoria Hunter is a gold digging whore.’ A lot of people have watched it. I – I’m making this video because, God.’

She pauses waves her hand in front of her face, like she’s warding off tears.

‘I’m just gonna start from the beginning and blurt it all out. Seven months ago my sister was diagnosed with brain cancer. On September 17th 2011 my whole world came crashing down. My mum lost her job because she had to be with my sister, her name is Michelle by the way. Michelle needed my mother, my father left with his new girlfriend. She’s the real whore – but I don’t want to talk about that. Anyway, my sister got worse and worse and then money wasn’t coming in and then money didn’t matter anymore because my sister couldn’t cope anymore.