[40] Paper Crown

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Previously on Agents:

"Well, off to the ball we go!"


"Everyone knows the plan?" Jin whispered. We nodded back, my hands a little sweaty from nervousness. "Good. We'll be heading out now."

Geez, I hope this goes well... I thought, until it was interrupted by a familiar voice. "Hey Shub!"

"Oh, heyyyy Katelyn..." I smiled sheepishly while Cory, who was behind me, gave a slight wave. "What's up?"

"Nothing much, just waiting for my date Traaa... I mean, nothing. I'm waiting for nothing." I grinned, which probably looked stupid. "Your date is Travis?!"

"Y-yeah." She changed the subject, "Oh, wait- Garroth is asking where Phe is. You seen her?"

"Nope." But I hope we will soon... "Anyways, we're gonna go find Weenbutt and Mithzan. Bye!"

Adam's POV

"Are you sure we're on Keeper Street?" I asked. Irritated, Jin replied, "Yes, Sky. I'm sure."

"But wouldn't they have shown up by now?" John asked, cracking his knuckles out of boredom.

"Of course, they would've." I jumped, screaming like a little girl. "Now, give me the boy. I have her right here."

Slowly I walked towards the mystery person, palms slightly sweaty. They nudged Aph, who ran towards me right after. "The deal is done," Jin sighed.

"Good. Now, let's go," the mysterious guy hissed. I whispered, "Let's follow them."

Back to Shumpie's POV

"Anything?" Max asked, crossing his arms. Cory replied, "Nope. Chill, Mithzan. It's a party; we gotta relax and unwind. At least until they need backup, if they do."

"What are you guys talking about?" KC said out of nowhere, "You know... never mind. Wanna join Dante~kun and I for a dance?"


"So, where's Phoenix? You guys normally hang out but it doesn't seem like she's here right now," Dante asked. Garroth nodded, "Yeah, Shub, where's Phe?"

"Oh, Phoenix? Well... she's... still getting ready. You know us girls," I lied.

Jess' POV (sorry for the constant POV switching)

       "Where the heck are they taking him?" I muttered to myself. Soon we arrived at a... bush? No, not just a bush. It's the bush; as in a secret passage.

       The mystery guy entered the passageway, us following behind. And... we're back in the base. Woo hoo.

       We climbed through the vents; I was following Adam. Eventually we dropped into a room that was just in front of a big throne room-type... well, room. Adam clicked a button on his sunglasses and pushed us to the edge of the walls, in a corner.

   He pushed another button on the side, which caused a speaker that was loud, but not too loud to turn on. Let's eavesdrop on a conversation, shall we?

"That- that son of a--" followed by a slap sound.

"Hey, watch your language!" A voice scolded him.

"I'm your boss, I can say whatever I want!" The man replied, a hint of anger in his voice.

"Ah, ah, Shadow Lord. I'm still older than you," the girl replied with an 'I'm better than you' tone of voice. A grunt followed their conversation.

"Hey! You three!" I heard a voice behind us. Crap.

Adam yelled, "BOOK IT!"

"Get back here you little-"

       Soon an army of SKs were hot on our trail. They chased us through a labyrinth -or in other words, a buttload of hallways- until we reached a dead end. The only escape route was the vents above us, and even then it was too high to reach.

Irene help us...

       Suddenly John fell through the vent, a dirt gun (specially made for him) in his hand. "DIRT ATTACK!" He yelled as he fired the gun. "C'mon. Let's move, now. I already called for backup.

Max's POV

       "Agent Zed?" a voice buzzed through my ear, "We need backup. Immediately. Head towards Wander Avenue, you should see a somwhat weird-looking bush there. Open the hatch and jump in."

       "Guys, we have to go. Now," I muttered to them, and rushing off to get a quick change of clothes. We rushed to Wander Avenue, opened the hatch and split into groups of two: Shelby and Ross; then Cory and I.

   Soon we ended up falling into a random room from the vents. It just so happened to be the room an SK was in. Picking up a sword, he charged towards us.

   Cory reached into his pocket and pulled out a knife, some blood still stained on it. I summoned a sword with my fire magicks and we fought the SK, constantly circling around him so he couldn't escape us and call for backup.

"What's the matter with these Shadow Knights?! They won't hesitate to kill, or anything!" Cory complained.

"Exactly. They've gone through a kill cycle-- the more you kill, the easier it becomes to distance yourself. The more you distance yourself, the less you will hurt. The more easily you can bring yourself to hurt others," I replied darkly.

"Did you just quote Sans?"

   Before I could reply, a yell echoed through the room. I glanced to my left to see Cory, holding his face and with a pained expression. I rammed my sword into the SK's chest, ending his life.

"Are you okay?!"

"Obviously not!" He sighed, uncovering his face.

   I stared in shock. A cut was on his face, starting from the forehead, passing through his eye and ending on his cheek. That was definitely going to leave a scar... I felt sorry, wishing I could help, but what's done is done.

"If you're done staring at my face, I suggest we go before another Shadow Knight comes." He rolled his eyes. I gave a slight nod, acknowledging what he said before running to an exit.

Unknown's POV

"Heya, Shadl," I greeted, panting slightly.

Shadl raised an eyebrow. "'Shadl'? Since when did you start calling me that? And why Shadl?"

"Shad, short for shadow. L, lord. 'Shadl'. And since today!" I gave him a grin that probably looked stupid at some point. "Can I call you that? Pleaaaase?"

He sighed. "Fine, you can call be Shadl. Only because you're pretty loyal... even though you haven't gone through initiation yet... Now, what do you want?"

"Hmmm?" I smirked.

"You never come here without reason. Now, what do you want?"

       "Oh, nothing. I have something to show you though," I tapped on my leather satchel. He shot me a look of curiosity. Well, I think. It's hard to see expressions if they're under a helmet...

"Look what I have," I said as I reached in and pulled out a crown.

A white paper crown.

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