10 Things a Cinderella Hates about (YOU) Prince Charming

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1.      I hate when I first saw you, ‘cause that made my world turn hell.

2.      I hate when you came near me and introduced yourself, ‘cause I know this is a well-rehearsed speech – I can tell.

3.      I hate whenever your fingers touch my skin, ‘cause I know I’m just one of your million victims.

4.      I hate whenever you slowly lift your face, ‘cause I know I’ll be seeing the look of the devil trying to lose my chaste.

5.      I hate when you perfectly showcase that ravishing smile, ‘cause I know you’re enjoying yourself knowing you’ll eat my innocence in no time.

6.      I hate when you pull me next to you from time to time, ‘cause I know sooner or later you’ll push me away like I’ve done an evil crime.

7.      I hate when you whisper in my ear telling words of loving and promises, ‘cause it will be the very reason that will torn my heart into a million pieces.

8.      I hate when you finally brush your lips onto mine, ‘cause I know you’ll touch my heart and clutches it like it’s burning in fire.

9.      I hate when I let you do all these as you say you’ll never go, ‘cause I can’t help but fall.

10.   And I hate when I know I can’t hate you, not even once … not even at all.

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